The Remarkable Rock Formations of Yana , Karnataka


Yana, also known as Bhairavkshetra is an amazing tourist destination located in North Kanara district of Karnataka. Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of the lush green Western Ghats house this beautiful place. A peaceful and unexploited township, famous for the magnificent rock formations (Karst or Asteroid),  idyllic waterfalls and sparkling streams it is a popular destination for trekkers and nature lovers.

Yana Karnataka
Image source – Wikipedia/Yana rock

The Uniqueness of Yana

The main attraction of Yana are two black crystalline limestone formations  Bhairaveshwara peak and Mohini peak set against the backdrop of green nature. These rock hills are encircled by dense forests and streams; trekking in this part of the Western Ghats is a fantasy of every adventure lover. Trekking can be initiated from Vaddi Cross. Rock climbing can also be done here.

There is a cave temple at the foot of the Bhairaveshwara peak, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The natural water dripping over the shivalinga from the rocks is known as “Gangodbhava” by the pilgrims. Bhairaveshwara Shikhara is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva.

For those who love mythology, there are several legends associated with the rock formations in Yana. The most popular is that Lord Shiva took refuge in the rock formation known as Bhairaweshwara Peak while being chased by the demon king Bhasmasura. The other rock, known as Jaganmohini, denotes  Lord Vishnu, who took the form of Mohini to save Lord Shiva.

You can reach Mohini Shikhara through the steps that start outside the temple. You have to descend for around 40 feet to reach there. The darkness of the caves and bats give a spooky feeling to the tourists. It is advisable to take along a guide with you so that you do not get misled.

Check out the diverse flora and fauna of the region, by exploring the forest around. Many endangered species of birds and butterflies make this place a biodiversity hotspot and bird watching van be a wonderful experience here. Camping around the temple in the forests and visiting the Vibhuti Falls are a few adventure things you can do while here.

The rustic splendor of Yana would surely impress you whenever you visit the place.

Ideal time to visit

During Maha Shivaratri festival, there is a huge event for around 10 days with classical dance and music performances.

Yana Karnataka
Image source – Wikipedia/Maha Shivaratri

If you wish to experience the fervor of the festival, plan a trip around 7th March 2016 (Monday). You can save the dates of first weekend of March and have a memorable mini vacation.

Around Yana

The famous coastal town of Kumta (30 kilometers from Yana) and its temples as well as Gokarna Beach (32 kilometers from Kumta) can be visited if you happen to be at Yana. You can buy cashew nuts and brilliant handicraft items from Kumta.

Reaching Yana

Goa is the nearest airport at 181 kilometers. A private vehicle can be hired from there to reach Yana village. Kumta, 25 kilometres away, is an important railway station on the Konkan route. For travelers arriving by train, Yana can be reached via the Sirsi-Kumta Road via Janmane Ghat. Bangalore is around 470 kilometers from Yana.

Stay and Food

Camping is a good option if you are at Yana. You can avail the home stays at Kumta. Fish is a must try if you visit any place in Konkan region. The flavors of Kokum would surely linger in your palate for days together.

Adventurers as well as tourists seeking relaxation can have a great time at Yana. Get your reservations done for this Shivaratri right away.