Best Wildlife Destinations Near Delhi


Delhi is very near to some of the most recommended wildlife sanctuaries of India. You can consider visiting some of the best wildlife destinations near Delhi, as mentioned in the list below.

Rajaji National Park

Distance from Delhi : 175 kms approx

Rajaji National Park is the best place near Delhi to spot the gigantic being elephants, panthers and tigers among of the dense forest of sal and teak. One can also see various  species of birds along with spotted deer, Shamber, Wild boars and Himalayan Bears. 10 million years old fossils are also known to exist here. 

Best Time to Visit : November to June 

wildlife destinations near delhi
Image source – Rajajinationalpark

Keoladeo National Park

Distance from Delhi : 192 kms approx

If you are an ornithologist or simply love watching different varieties of birds, Keoladeo national park is the ultimate destination for you. Different water birds and migratory birds have found their home over here. There are facilities to rent a bicycle too, and have an amazing time at the park.   Besides the sanctuary, you can also visit Lohagarh, Ganga Temple and Bharatpur Palace.

Best Time To Visit:  October to March.

Sariska National Park

Distance from Delhi : 230 kms approx

Sitting in an open gypsy with a feeling of thrill of the wild is totally worth an experience here. Who knows you may spot a fierce tiger in front of you! Apart from tigers, you may get a chance to encounter hyenas, leopards, sambhar deer, porcupines and peacocks.

Best Time to Visit: November to June

wildlife destinations near delhi
Image source – Wikipedia

Corbett National Park

Distance from Delhi: 245 kms approx

Jeep Safari, Canter Safari or  Elephant Safaris are compulsory if you wish to enjoy Corbett National Park to the best. Stay at Dhikala for a thrilling experience in the wild. That’s the personal recommendation from my side. Tigers, elephants, deer and leopards are some of the animals that can be spotted here. Besides, there are a number of species of amphibians, reptiles as well as birds.

Best Time to Visit : November to June 

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Distance From Delhi – 307 kms approx.

Imagine a lazy Gharial basking at the riverbed. Doesn’t it sound exciting? National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary or the National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary can make this imagination come real. Take a river safari at this sanctuary and see turtles and Ganga river dolphins besides Gharial.  

Best Time To Visit:  November to March

wildlife destinations near delhi
Image source – Nationalchambalsanctuary

Ranthambhore National Park

Distance from Delhi : 380 kms approx

Ranthambhore National Park can be visited during October to March to spot wildlife at its best. Tigers, deer, sloth bears, panthers and monkeys are some of the animals that can be seen over here. The verdant surroundings and the Ranthambore fort add to the splendor of the national park.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Distance from Delhi420 kms approx

 Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is the natural habitat of tigers, leopards and barasingha. One horned rhinoceros can also be spotted over here. Do not forget the elephant safari besides the usual open gypsy safari. Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary allows for a boat safari too.  

Best Time to Visit: November to June


For people who are willing to travel around 10-15 hour , you can consider the following national parks.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is Madhya Pradesh is around 1000 kilometers from Delhi, but the 15 hours taken to reach this place is certainly worthwhile. Elephant safari and open gypsy safari are the main facilities offered over here to spot tigers at Kanha National Park. I would personally recommend you to stay at Bagheera lodge. When you wake up, you can spot deer grazing outside your room. Awesome, isn’t it? Watch out for snakes and scorpions. That comes from a personal experience.

wildlife destinations near delhi
Image source – Kanhanationalpark

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park has more possibilities to spot a tiger as it is enclosed in a small area. Go for an elephant safari or a jeep safari as the guides talk to you about their encounters with tigers. They actually give interesting names to the tigers, tigresses and their cubs. It would give you goosebumps if you love wildlife. It is around 10 hours journey from Delhi.

wildlife destinations near delhi
wildlife destinations near delhi Image source – Bandhavgarhnationalpark

These are some of the very best  wildlife destinations near Delhi, that can be visited with family , friends and kids for a great vacation in the wilds.