Top 10 Reasons to Go For White Water River Rafting In Kashmir This Summer!


We all know a vacation in Kashmir is all about scenic natural views and magnificent mountains. But for all those who love adventure and thrill, Kashmir is also a place that offers some great adventure options in splendidly scenic backdrop. White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure activity in Kashmir and here are the 10 reasons why everyone must try this thrilling adventure at least once.

  1. White water river rafting in Kashmir is adventurous and thrilling- getting soaked in ice cold waters of Sindh river is sure to add a zing to your rafting adventure.
  1. Rafting in Kashmir means getting enchanted with the views along with thrill. The scenic backdrop of Pahalgam and outskirts of Srinagar , where most of the rafting activity takes place, with lush green forests and lofty mountains, is something that cannot be found anywhere else in India.
White Water Rafting in Kashmir
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  1. White Water river rafting in Kashmir has something for everyone right from the beginners to experts. Try the Mamar Joy Ride of 3 km – It’s a short, safe and fun  and everyone in a family can do it. If you want more adventure go for Mamar Long Ride – a ride  that covers  8 km distance with rapids ranging from II to IV.
  1. For those who want hard core challenge the Mamar Xtra Long Ride covering 28 km distance with rapids ranging from II to IV.
  1. Sindh is such a fabulous river, that in the year 2015 four international rafting championships were held in the turbulent waters of Sindh. No other river of the country has honor of hosting so many International Championships. This itself is a reason enough to go for river rafting in River Sindh!
  1. When you decide to river raft in Kashmir you can stay in some of the most scenic, comfortable and yet budgeted resorts and hotels in Pahalgam- one of the most scenic hill station in whole of India.
White Water Rafting in Kashmir
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  1. Rafting in Kashmir is safe, fun and secure. Operators like Snowman Adventure and Travels are reliable, offer you with maximum safety and have trained guides
  1. White water river rafting in Kashmir is not only fun but it is also cost effective. It will cost you anything between just Rs.500- Rs.3000 , depending upon the stretch you choose.

9. The rafting season starts from April and continues till September so the summer months are the only time you can plan a rafting trip to Kashmir.

10. Lastly Kashmir being the most beautiful state in the country- is worth a visit anyway.             White water river rafting will add the much needed adventure quotient to it!

Book Your Rafting Trip now and enjoy an adventure of a life-time in one of the most scenic places in the world!

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