Serene Weekend Getaways Near Ahmedabad


For people who wish to relax in a peaceful environment, there are some serene weekend getaways near Ahmedabad that would leave you calm and composed. Some of the offbeat holiday destinations in the vicinity of Ahmedabad are as follows.

Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary

Distance from Ahmedabad: 35 kms

Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary is an excellent place to relax in the lap of nature with birds chirping around you. If you wish to unwind after a hectic week at work, head to Thol and reinvigorate yourself with peace and energy. The migratory birds would give you great company over here.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
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Modhera Sun Temple

Distance from Ahmedabad: 102 kms

Modhera Sun Temple is a magnificent sun temple  with lush green surroundings, set in the backdrop of River Pushpavati, which makes it even more enjoyable. You can witness beautiful sunset that enhances the look of the beautifully craved sculptures even more. Its a perfect weekend getaway away from the maddening crowds for just a day and feel relaxed and happy in the company of family or friends.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
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Wild Ass Sanctuary

Distance from Ahmedabad: 130 kms

Wildlife sanctuaries usually make you picture dense trees and alarm calls of deer along with lots of termite mounds. However, the wild ass sanctuary of Kutch is nothing like this. It is a deserted area where you would spot herds of wild donkeys and prey birds. If you happen to visit it in winters, you can see many  migratory birds like flamingoes and pelicans.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
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Velavadar Blackbuck Sanctuary

Distance from Ahmedabad: 140 kms

Blackbuck sanctuary of Velavadar is world famous for it is one of its kind. For nature and wildlife lovers, it is a wonderful retreat far away from the humdrum of Ahmedabad. Many rare species of Blackbucks, blue bulls and many varieties of birds can be spotted over here.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
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Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest

Distance from Ahmedabad: 160 kms

The Polo Monument is mainly the ruins of a prehistoric kingdom established by the Parihar kings of Idar in 10th century. It is located inside the forests of Vijaynagar. These ancient ruins are beautiful, mystic and the forest is green, dense and with a wide variety of tress and wildlife. A must visit place for the nature and history lovers.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
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Hingolgadh Nature Education Society

Distance from Ahmedabad: 181 kms

Hingolgadh Nature Education Society is like a green oasis. With lots of chinkara and blue bull  abound, it is one of the most wonderful places for a peaceful retreat. Camps are also organized over here quite frequently to instill wildlife awareness among people.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
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Marine National Park

Distance from Ahmedabad: 305 kms

India’s first and the most beautiful marine park in the Gulf of Kutch. Turtles, dolphins, littoral birds  and many other marine species can be seen here at the Marine National Park near Jamnagar. November to January is the most suitable time to visit this marine conservation park. If you want to see coral reefs without diving into the sea, this is the place to be.

weekend getaways near ahmedabad
Image source – Gujarattourism

There are indeed has lots of places to visit during the weekend  near Ahmedabad. Dholavira, Mandvi beach and Narayan Sarovar are also usually isolated but during Rannotsav these places become very crowded. With winters approaching all these places will be all the more wonderful to visit. So pack your bags and drive off to any of the places this weekend and enjoy a relaxed and rejuvenating time with your family and friends.