Amazing Weekend Getaways from Kolkata


Weekend Getaways

Kolkata is replete with tradition and culture but for people like us who are tired of leading the same life in this metro, things can get taxing if we don’t take a short break. To rejuvenate, refresh and reinvigorate your senses, explore some amazing getaways from Kolkata. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and most importantly you can come back, all charged up!



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There was always a deep connection present between Bengalees and Digha. The shores of Bay of Bengal house this wonderfully airy place laden with ‘pristine beaches and scenic charm’. Now that it has extended a lot more, visitors experience solace in a lesser known Tajpur. Visual pleasure and a panoramic view characterize this virgin sea beach that has Shankarpur and Mandarmoni as neighbors.

2. Henry’s Island

Henry’s Island
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A fairly new addition in this list, the land that is strictly supervised by the West Bengal government for pisiculture and forest conservation purposes has everything you would need to make your weekend a pleasurable one. The sea is quite timid and forests are dense but you can travel far off to Bakkhali and Frazergung for a little more fun.

3. Chandipur

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An exquisite, secluded seaside village that offers you respite from the pressures of daily life is a retreat at Chandipur. The beach has attractions galore as it keeps receding and it won’t be wrong to say that you can drive a jeep towards the water during such times.


4. Raichak

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This one is a riverside town known for tranquility and quiet, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Not too far from Kolkata, Raichak of late, has become a much sought after destination, largely because of the breathtaking landscape of river Ganges and the extraordinary Raichak Fort.

5. Maithan

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This incredible tourist spot is located in the confluence of river Damodar and Barakor. Lying at the boundary of Bengal and Jharkhand, you have some great hills and jungles here with the huge dam giving a perfect opportunity to discover secluded islands too. Perhaps Mother Nature was a bit partial in offering beauty to this land, for which people have rightly named it ‘mai-ka-than’!


6. Sajnekhali

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If adventure is what you are looking for, head towards Sajnekhali nestled amidst the dense and lush greenery of the Sunderbans. Aside the Royal Bengal Tiger, you have a wide range of animals and birds to explore. The watch tower and Nature Interpretation Centre are few other delights not to be given amiss.

7. Mukutmonipur

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Come here if you wish for peace at its best. This place offers out the right mix of relaxation and adventure. With hills and forests enveloping Mukutmonipur and two beautiful rivers, Kumari and Kangsabati adorning it, a stay here is recommended for all. Spoil yourself further by heading towards Bishnupur, Purulia and Garpanchkot if you have time.

Must Visit

7. Shantiniketan

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Visiting this place is a must for all Bengalis (not to leave out the other communities). Besides knowing the life and dreams of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, which has been shaped in every possible way via Visva Bharati University, the surroundings will offer you the much needed calm rarely found in the city. Make your trip on a Saturday if you don’t want to miss out on Bauls, the haat and handicrafts.


8. Kurseong

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Just like Digha, Bengalees don’t seem to have enough of Darjeeling either. A little away but located in the same district is Kurseong, a hilly abode that attracts tourists round the year for its serenity and calm. The rich flora and incessant rains make the ‘Botanist’s Paradise’ so wonderful that tourists have a hard time letting go off the moments they spent here.

Don’t wait any longer. Reward yourself with a little travelling this weekend.


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