Best Weekend Getaways from Indore


Weekend getaways are true essentials to add that much needed zing back to your otherwise dull and drab life. It simply doesn’t matter if you choose your family, friends, colleagues or your significant other only for going on a trip, but the fact is you will come back all rejuvenated. Indore as a travel destination is favored by many all over India, especially those staying nearby. The best seasons are no doubt winter or spring but you can always find solace during the other months as well.

1. Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar - weekend getaways from indore
Weekend Getaways from Indore

A beautiful religious place for the Hindus mostly, this is notable for the significance pilgrims have showered on one out of the twelve sacred Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. Situated near the Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh, visit the place for its holiness and most importantly, learning about the excavations dating back to the Paleolithic Age and has traces of famous dynasties, including Sungas, Mauryas, Imperial Guptas, Vakatakas, Abhiras, Kalchuris, Rastrakutas, Chalukyas, Paramaras and Faruki. Image Source

2. Sanchi

Sanchi - weekend getaways from Indore
Weekend Getaways from Indore

Located in the Raisen district, this small village has always mesmerized travelers with famous Buddhist stupas and monuments.Located just at the footsteps of the hill, there are several other shrines that you canvisit during your stay here. A hotspot for history buffs, the scenic views have never failed to captivate the increasing number of tourists here. Image Source 

3. Guna

Guna - Weekend Getaways
Weekend Getaways from Indore

So what if it’s a small city? The north eastern section of the Malwa plateau was once upon a time added to the growing empire of Magadha. Don’t miss out on Brij Vilas Palace, Chambal Garden, Maharao Madho Singh Museum, Panchmukhi Hanuman Ashram and many others once you have stepped here. Considered to be the most significant religious place in the entire district, you can avail train journey. Image Source

4. Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi - weekend getaways from Indore
Weekend Getaways from Indore

The only hill station of Madhya Pradesh is easily accessible from Indore. Better known as ‘Satpura Ki Rani’ for its location in the Satpura ranges, check for the ‘Dhupgarh’ region as the highest point here. A popular tourist retreats, the place has visitors throughout the year. Aside its scenic locations like nature spots, breathtaking views waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, Pachmarhi prides in several cave paintings in the forests that you can’t afford to miss. Image Source

5. Anjad

Go up to the Narmada Valley and visit the famous Nagari Mata Temple here. There are two others that must feature on your must-visit list, namely Gayatri Temple and Saibaba Temple. If time permits, head straight to the nearby small hill station, Tornamal having Yashavant Lake, Lotus Lake and few other temples. The place is well connected via roads so you can expect a fulfilling weekend replete with everything that you might have been seeking for.

6. Shivpuri

Shivpuri - weekend getaways from indore
Weekend Getaways from Indore

Another weekend getaways is abode of Lord Shiva and the summer capital of the once famous ‘Scindias of Gwalior’ is a hot favorite for many Indore residents. Adventure freaks can have a great time roaming around the deep jungles that are a treasure trove of flora and fauna. Also the wildlife sanctuaries are a real hit here. Besides, the rivers that pass through the region offer enough to absorb nature at its best. Image Source

7. Pench

Pench - weekend getaways
Weekend Getaways from Indore

Who can miss the Pench National Park in the Seoni district of the state? Not only do you get to see the amazing Tiger Reserve but even the topographyand wildlife in the whole can take you far from the hustle and bustle of city life. In fact, many avid readers turn up to this place after learning about it in some of the best-selling books from their favorite authors. All this means it’s a must visit. Image Source

So pack your bags at the earliest and get ready for quick weekend getaways near Indore as enlisted above.

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