10 Tips for Road Trips in India for an awesome and fun trip


Tips for Road Trips in India

Road trips are fun and allow you for some of the best impulsive exploration. It is said that the best way to explore the rich culture and the breathtaking natural beauty is road trips in India’s hinterland. Here are 10 road trip tips to help you plan your awesome fun road trip –

  1. Choosing your ride

The terrain in India changes every few kilometers and depending on the season you can even say goodbye to the well-maintained highways! Pick a vehicle which you are comfortable with and which can withstand the demands of the terrain.

  1. Planning your journey

It’s best when you have charted out your travel route including the pit stops you want to make. Leave enough time for impromptu explorations which make road trips exciting! Ideally, it is said that you should drive only about 25% of the time on your road trip.

  1. Best time to travel

Thanks to technology, you can avail the detailed information about the weather of each part of the country at any moment.  Check out the best time to travel to a destination so that you can avoid weather exigencies like landslides, flooding, and heavy rains.

  1. Choosing your companions

It is the companions who make a road trip successful! You will need to be sitting in a closed space with them for hours together and you certainly don’t want a continuous whining through the trip. Make sure you exchange seats and let everyone be comfortable through the trip.

  1. Depending on a navigation system

Unless you have an inbuilt GPS you can depend on the navigation system in your Smartphone. However, the directions are not dependable in the interiors of India, in such cases always ask the locals for the best routes as they can guide you safely.

  1. Planning accommodation

If you are going on a popular route there will be decent accommodation even on highways or at your destinations. If you plan to stick to a schedule then pre-booking hotel makes sense, in the case of emergency also keep camping equipment in handy.

  1. Keeping in touch

When you are out on a road trip in India it’s best to keep your loved ones informed back at home. You might get stranded in an unsavory situation, you never know and hence it’s important to let someone know. Inform them about your expected journey time and give them a call once you reach.

  1. Preparing for emergency

Keep spare equipment and learn how to handle vehicle breakdowns, at least so you can get by to the nearest mechanic. If you are venturing into remote regions it is good to keep fuel handy, however, ensure it is safely packaged and carry fire extinguishers along as well.

  1. Servicing your vehicle

Before you head out on your road trip, get your vehicle serviced and inform them about your journey according to which they will fine tune your vehicle. If you face any difficulties on the road or feel something is amiss make sure to get it checked immediately.

  1. Staying alert

Road trips are meant to be fun, but to make that happen to ensure that you stay alert through the trip. Don’t drink and drive, if you are feeling sleepy take a short break or take turns with another driver. This will avoid any mishaps and lead to a successful road trip.

Stay safe and go off the beaten track for a fun and awesome road trip!