Things to do in Manali


Manali is the most picturesque hill station  in India and is also one of the favoured escapes for the city dwellers both in summers and winters.

Manali is simply mesmerizing and breathtaking with its elegant views of snow capped mountains, gushing rivers and forested valleys. It is a staging point for many treks and offers spectacular views of Spiti, Dhauladhar and PirPanjal ranges.  It attracts tourists through the year as there are many things to do here that makes it all the more attractive.

Things to see 

1. Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass is a stunning and popular spot in Manali that is visited by almost 25 lakhs visitors a year. Due to high altitude it remains closed during the winter months and you can enjoy snow there even in the month of May- June.

things to do in manali
Image Source – ROTHANGLA

The drive to Rohtang pass is simply outstanding and it is considered as one of the most attractive and stunning valleys in the Himalayas.

2. Hadimba Temple

The Hadimba temple is the oldest temple in Manali dedicated Devi Hidimba. An ancient ‘pagoda‘ style temple that is very serrene and scenic.

things to do in manali
Image Source – kullumanali

It is a lovely, quiet,  and beautiful temple with picturesque surroundings that is visited by most vacationers in Manali.

3.  Solang valley

One of the most picturesque place in Manali,  Solang valley with its snow-capped peaks and the lush greenery of the dense forests is a must visit place for all.

things to do in manali
Image source outlooktraveller

Various adventure activities like zorbing and paragliding you can enjoy here.

4.Naggar Castle

A magnificent ancient castle made of stone and wood that has withstood the ravage of time beautifully.

things to do in manali
Image Source himachallive

For art lovers, Naggar Castle has magnificent and  valuable art pieces on display. And for photographers this is a magnificent edifice located in serene forested hills.

5. Marhi 

Located midway from Manali & Rohtang Pass.

things to do in manali

Marhi is a vividly beautiful and picturesque mountain town of roadside restaurants that serves lip-smacking food.

6. Jogini Falls

A cascading waterfall with beautiful serene environment;   a short trek of a few kilometres leads you to this  enthralling waterfall.

things to do in manali
Image Source – GO2INIDA

You can actually go under and around the fall and enjoy the blissful mountain water.


Various ancient and new colourful Buddhist Monasteries are a major attraction of Manali.

things to do in manali
Image Source – kullumanali

Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa and the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa are the two main monasteries that draw the tourists.

8.  Kullu

things to do in manali
Image Source wikipedia

The majestic valley of Kulu is worth a visit with its breathtaking beauty and stunning landscape.

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Activities To Do

1. Zorbing

A amazing activity for adrenaline junkies, where you go hurtling  down  the scenic hills of Solang Valley.

things to do in manali
Image Source – GOMANALI

For those who are not weak hearted this is a must try and sensational experience.

2. Paragliding

Paragliding adventurous sport in Manali allows you  to soar in the skies like a bird and relish the bird’s eye view of the stunning mountains and valleys.

things to do in manali

Highly skilled and well trained  pilots guarantee that the activity in completely safe.

3. Trekking

Manali is the starting point of many awe-inspiring treks in the upper Himalayas.

things to do in manali
Vacation in Manali – Image Source – VISIT KULLU MANALI

But if you do not want to trek for days you can also try out the short and easy breathtakingly beautiful treks around  Manali.

4. Water Rafting

things to do in manali
Vacation in Manali – Image Source – VISIT KULLU MANALI

White-water rafting in Beas River is an exhilarating activity where you need to navigate the raft through  Grade II and Grade III rapids and the water can be real chilling too.

5. Gondala (Cable Car)

The cable car ride in Solang Valley takes you high up to the skiing point.

things to do in manali
Image Source – RLTGO

But even you don’t ski and you can still enjoy this scenic ride and enjoy the breath-taking sceneries around.

6. Skiing

things to do in manali
Image Source – TOUR MY INDIA

Solang valley is the finest place for amateur skiing but if you want to really learn skiing just join the  training program  here and turn into a  pro-skier.

7. Get Tattooed and try Some Lip-Smacking Local Food

things to do in manali
Image Source – OUTLOOK

Old Manali is a place that is filled with quaint cafes and tattoo parlours. It offers a mystic environment  lip-smacking local food, live music, drinks and various safe tattoo parlous.

How to reach:

The nearest airport is Bhunter at 50 km. The convenient rail heads are Chandigarh 320 km., Jogindernagar and Shimla 260 km. approx.

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