Top things to do in Langkawi Island


The Tropical Paradise

Langkawi is The  ‘Tropical Paradise’ of Malaysia and is often called the  ‘Jewel of Kedah’. It  is an archipelago of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. Surrounded by Aqua blue waters,  white beaches,  gushing waterfalls, unusual rock formations and rainforests with a wide variety of wildlife.

There are many things  like exploring the Marine Life, the Vivacious Waterfalls, Beach Bars in White Sand Beaches, Seafood Restaurants and Spas, that one can do while on a visit to this splendid island. But few of the best top things to do in Langkawi Island

1.Sky Cab

Enjoy a birds eye view of the scenic island in one of the steepest cable car ropes in the world! Its thrilling and really amazing. The Base Station is at the foothill of the Machincang mountain from where the you go up to the top of the mountain.

things to do in langkawi island
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The car stops once halfway at the middle station where the people can get down and view the splendid scenes and the flora and fauna around. The the sky cab then takes the visitors to the top of the mountain from where one can get a birds-eye view of the whole Langkawi island , ancient rock tower peaks and southern Thailand.

2. Sky Bridge

This is a suspended bridge that is accessible from the Top Station of the Machincang mountain.

things to do in langkawi island
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Located 2,300ft above sea level, experience the sunset-viewing and going close to the otherwise not-reachable parts of the nature from the suspended SkyBridge, it  is unforgettable experience. The bridge can accommodate  250 people at one time.

3.Island Hopping 

One of the most amazing activity  to do in Langkawi. Every island here is breathtaking with real nice and pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, tropical jungles and bizarre rock formations.

One can also stop over for exploring  any of the islands, trek in the jungles and having a swim in a fresh water lake.

4. Langkawi’s Mangrove River Cruise

As you cruise down the tranquil, meandering river, you can see the park’s marine ecosystem, its flora and fauna like the over-hanging ‘Bogak Trees’, Brown Eagles, Tree Crabs, Monitor Lizards and Macaques.

5. The GeoForest

Nestled in nature, the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is a must-stop for all visiting these islands.

things to do in langkawi island
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The legend goes that any woman who has difficulty conceiving will be blessed with a child if she drank the water from the inviting lake.  This park also has some very fine caves.

6. Underwater World

The Underwater World Langkawi is one of the biggest marine and fresh water aquarium in whole of South East Asia.

A  must visit tourist destinations with various big fishes , sea creatures including the Giant Green Turtle and also a coral reef.

7. The Amazing Caves

There are lavishness of caves in Langkawi and some of them are spectacular ones, a paradise for cave lovers,many of these strange geological formations were created millions of years back.

8. Pulau Payar Marine Park


Visit to the  well-preserved and unpopulated marine park is worth it, with  sparkly emerald waters you will want to just jump in and be one with the ocean. Swim, snorkel and dive among the reefs and have  great time here.

9. Shoppers Paradise


Shopping in Langkawi is as good as the beaches and all other activities – under  its duty-free status.

things to do in langkawi island
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The island is a haven for shopping for all types of goods from cigarettes, liquor and chocolates to luggage, apparel, perfumes, and bags, Langkawi has become a much loved  destination among Malaysians as well as foreign tourists.

Things to do in Langkawi:

Enjoy Beaches, Yacht  Cruise, Jet Ski Tours, Bird watching, Kayaking, Swimming, Diving and Shop till you Drop. 

How To Reach

Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and Air Asia operate daily flights to Langkawi. Ferries operate four routes to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang and Satun in Thailand.

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