13 Things to do in Coorg this Holiday Season


Coorg is renowned for its lush bamboo and sandalwood forests, magnificent waterfalls and grand temples with vast tea estates and coffee plantations. It is known as the Scotland of India because of its beautiful hills and streams. Coorg is certainly a must visit holiday destination in India. Check out the list below for further details.

1. Raja’s Seat

For Watching Incredible Sunset

Watching the setting sun at Raja’s Seat in Madikeri with your better half makes for a memorable experience at Coorg. It is famous throughout India for its wonderful scenic beauty with the plush hills and surroundings.  It was once the seat from which the royalty of Kodagu enjoyed glorious sunsets.

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2. Trekking 

At Brahmagiri Hill and Kundha Hills

Coorg is a paradise for trekking lovers. A trip to Coorg is not complete without trekking in the historical mountains.  The lush bamboo and sandalwood forests along with picturesque waterfalls on the route give a unique experience to the trekkers. Irrupu falls from Brahmagiri Hill and Kundha Hills near Virajpet on the way to Nagarhole National Park and Thadiyandamol Hill are the most popular trekking trails over here.

3. White Water Rafting

At Dubare Elephant Camp and Barapole

If you happen to be in Coorg during the monsoon season, try out white water rafting offered by professional adventure clubs. Dubare Elephant Camp and Barapole are the main rafting sites at Coorg that offers this amazing adventure sport.

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4. Monastery and Temple of Coorg

For Spiritual Serenity Bhagandeshwara temple and Golden Temple

Apart from scenic beauty, Coorg is also home to some of the most popular religious sites. Tala Cauvery is a sacred place for Hindus. It is the origin of the River Cauvery. The Triveni Sangam and the Bhagandeshwara temple in Bhagmandala are important places of pilgrimage for the Hindus. There is a monastery at Bylakuppe which is called as the Namdroling Monastery, that houses the Golden Temple. It is one of the must visit Tibetan monasteries. The temple is presided over by a gold-plated Buddha statue that is around 18 meters high. You can sit and meditate over here.

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5. Plantation Hikes

In the Tea estates and Coffee plantations

Without a visit to the coffee and tea estates, Coorg trip is considered incomplete. Visit Tata tea estate and other plantation hikes where you can get a deep insight into the spices of Coorg. You can get to learn about coffee beans and its processing in the coffee plantations over here.

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6. Waterfalls like Abbi and Irrupu

Enjoying Natural Wonders

Coorg has many fabulous waterfalls that add to the magnificence of this place. Abbi falls amidst the coffee estate is definitely a place worth visiting. Besides, Irrupu waterfall surrounded by lush green forests of Western Ghats is a truly mesmerizing

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7. Wildlife Spotting

At Nagarhole National Park and  Dubare forest

Nagarhole National Park is an excellent wildlife sanctuary for spotting deer, elephants, bisons and peacocks. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers should not miss out on this place. Dubare forest is also a place you should not miss out on. You can see tribals training wild elephants at this place. Nisargadama is another forest in the town where you can get to spot rabbits, peacocks and deer.

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8. Brahmagiri Hill

For an awesome  Aerial view 

If you wish to have an eagle-eye view of the entire Coorg, you ought to visit Brahmagiri Hill in Tala Cauvery. It is one of the most important view-points in Coorg. The top of Brahmagiri Hill is pristine, green well forested and also hosts many species of wildlife.

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9. Shopping

Best Coffee Ever

Coorg coffee is famous worldwide. You can buy coffee beans and tea leaves from the local shops over here. Apart from that, cardamom, pepper, pineapples, pickles and papads are also available for sale. Other shopping options include traditional Kodava sarees of silk and jewellery. You can buy Tibetan artifacts from Kushal Nagar Area.

10. Madikeri Fort

 Historical Interest

Visit Madikeri’s Fort is one of the most important land mark of Coorg and also a well known tourist attraction. It is around 200 years old and was built by Raja Lingarajendra II. There is an old church over here, with a museum exhibiting some artifacts.

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11. Toy Train Fun 

Kids Fun Zone

Behind the Raja’s Seat are gardens and a toy train line for kids and adults as well . Known as ‘Puttani Rail‘ this train passes through craved tracks and human made valley and offers your little ones a exhilarating experince. A tiny Kodava style temple is also present over here.

12. Hike to Raja’s Tombs

Hiking and site seeing

On the way to Abbi falls, an amazing 7 kilometer picturesque  hike from the town center, you can visit Raja’s tombs. It is also known as Gaddige. If you are seeking solitude, this is the place to be. 

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13. Nalakunad Palace

About 40 kilometers from Madikeri, the region around the Kakkabe village is the perfect destination if you wish to check out the highest peak of Kodagu, Tadiyendamol. At the bottom of the peak, 3 kilometer from Kakkabe, you can visit Nalakunad Palace, which is more than 2 centuries old. It was the hunting lodge of a Kodagu king in 1794.

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You can hire a vehicle from Madikeri and explore the city on your own. Carry your driving license whenever you happen to visit Coorg if you are interested in doing so. You can even check out Valnoor Fishing Camp at Kushal Nagar and try catching the Mahseer Fish. Nestled amidst verdant hills, Coorg is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations for families, youngsters as well as new couples.