Exploring Taj Mahal in Arga


Taj Mahal, one of the most famed monuments in the world was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan  in the memory of his favourite wife Mumtaj Mahal when she died in 1631. Its flawless proportions and gorgeous craftsmanship  can be described as ” a dream, a poem , a vision and a wonder” of a lifetime.

This grand garden -tomb is a replica of the house of queen in the Islamic garden paradise. It is believed to have costed about 41 million INR and about 500 kilos of gold had been used in its construction. More than 20,000 people laboured for 22 years to complete the construction of this magnificent building in 1653.

The Exquisiteness 

It is widely believed that Taj Mahal was designed to represent an earthly replica of a house in the paradise. It is made with perfect coordination and refined designs that after so many centuries also look fresh and amazes the artistic senses of every person visiting it.

Four Minarets

The four minarets of Taj are each 40 m on height and are crowned by an open Chattri – an octagonal pavilion.

The Taj Mahal
Image source – Wikipedia

These prefect minarets frame the tomb and highlight the perfect symmetry of construction of the whole complex.

Marble Screen

This is a masterpiece of exquisite artwork.

The Taj Mahal
Image source – Wikimedia

The filigree screen has been expertly craved out of a single piece of marble and was meant to veil the area around the royal tombs.

Tomb Chamber

This is the place where the tombs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal are placed.

The Taj Mahal
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Mumtaz Mahal’s cenotaph is raised on a platform and is placed right next to Shah Jahan’s. The real graves in a dark crypt below are closed for the general public.

The Lotus Pond

The famed pool in front of the Taj Mahal that reflects the tomb is named after its lotus shaped fountain sprouts.

The Taj Mahal
Image source – Wikipedia

Almost every visitor who come to Taj Mahal takes a picture sitting on the marble bench here.


The recessed arches that provide a depth and a shade to the visitors.

The Taj Mahal
Image source – Flickr

And the inlaid panels reflect the changing lights of the day and give the tomb a mystical aura.

Taj Mahal is the eternal symbol of love , a world heritage site and the beauty of this real wonder cannot be ever described in words or through pictures. Despite being one of the world’s busiest tomb with more than 50,000 visitors daily, you can feel a sense of clam inside Taj. It looks magical and mystic – dazzling white at noon and almost pink during the mornings and at subsets.

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Best Time to Visit: October to April as the weather is pleasant and there are no rains.