Skandagiri: Scenic and Adventurous


Set yourself free from stresses and anxiety amidst the clouds afloat at Skandagiri or Kalavara Durga, the extremely pleasing destination that is hardly just 70 kilometers away from Bangalore. As you set off from Bangalore towards Skandagiri , you get a wonderful view of Nandi Hills. It is a very blissful experience that relieves you of all the stresses of city life.

The Scenic Adventure Destination

A hill with the ruins of an ancient temple and a 18th century fort that was once a stronghold of the mighty emperor Tipu Sultan makes this place compellingly beautiful. A climb to the hill top of Skandagiri is one of the most sought after treks in and around Bangalore.

From Bangalore you can go to Skandagiri , take a trek to the top and be back within a day and a half. There are daily buses , but you need to get down at Chikballapur (approx 3kms away)and either take a auto or just take a scenic walk to the base. If you are driving its just an hours drive.

The Skandagiri Trek

Its a moderate trek on a well marked route. The signs of arrows would guide you through the trek. Once you reach the top , the view is breathtaking.  If you want to kick start your new year with an awesome trekking experience, you can book your ticket for January 2016 by clicking here.

Image source flickr/vivekm

Travel Tips

Woolen clothes, camping items, enough water and some packed food and of course your camera are must if you wish to  enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Food and Stay

Once you complete your trekking trail, you would find shops selling eggs and noodles. You can sip a cup of tea while admiring the scenic surroundings . Chikballapur has many options that allow for a comfortable night stay. There are also many hotels and resorts at Nandi Hills too.

Around Skandagiri

When in Skandagiri do not fail to visit Papagni Mutt. It is a remarkable institution built during the olden times. The spiritual aura that you would feel at this place is simply out of this world.

Chikballapur, around 3 kilometers from Skandagiri is definitely worth including in your itinerary if you happen to be here. Jaramadagu Falls are around 9 kilometers from Skandagiri and it is totally enthralling to witness this waterfall surrounded by five hills, namely Nandagiri, Skandagiri, Brahmagiri, Divyagiri and Vishnugiri. The scenic Nandi Hills is at about 10 kilometers from Skandagiri. The huge statue of Nandi here would definitely leave you mesmerized.

Regardless of the time of the year, if you are looking for an enjoyable day out from Bangalore or want a dose of adventure during the weekend or mini vacation, Skandagiri is a great idea for sure.

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