10 Adorable Road Trips You Would Love To Travel From Hyderabad


Sometimes journeys and reaching the destination are equally delightful. That’s the thing with road trips. You can take a halt whenever you want to, you can click pictures or you can simply adorable the beauty of the road you are travelling through. If you fancy road trips, here are some great options for brilliant road trips from the pearl city Hyderabad.

1. Nalgonda

Distance from Hyderabad: 101 kms

If you wish to get a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the people, Nalgonda is the right place for you. The drive is great and there are many rich historic spots all around Nalgonda that attract lots of visitors from all over the world.

road trips from hyderabadroad trips from hyderabad
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You can visit the Nagarjunasagar Dam, which is around 64 kilometers from Nalgonda. Other places to visit around Nalgonda are Bhongiri Fort, Yadagiri Gutta, Phanigiri and Pochampalli. Do not forget to get some beautiful saris from Pochampalli.

2. Warangal

Distance from Hyderabad: 144 kms

Warangal is a place that gives you an insight into Hindu temple development. Warangal Fort and Hanamkonda are the places of interest if you happen to be at this friendly town.

road trips from hyderabad
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Do not fail to see the 1000 pillared temple on the slopes of Hanamkonda Hill. Palampet is also a place worth visiting for the Ramappa Temple. It is just 65 kilometers from Warangal. The artificial lake of Ramappa Cheruvu 1 kilometer from here seems quite natural as it matches the splendid surroundings.

3. Bidar

Distance from Hyderabad: 145 kms

Bidar is a place of great historical importance. The fort, the ruins of palaces, cannons and magnificent tombs are the major attractions of this small place.

road trips from hyderabad
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You may find isolated herds of blackbucks too over here. If you happen to be at Bidar, shop for Bidriware and relish on savoury Jola Rotis without fail. One of the oldest mosques of the country can also be visited over here.

4. Karimnagar

Distance from Hyderabad: 164 kms

Karimnagar is popular for the silver filigree work which is an intricate form of artwork on metal. The beautiful river Godavari adds to the charm of this place. 10 kilometers from Karimnagar, there is Elgandal.

road trips from hyderabad
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The palm groves along the way make for a beautiful road trip. A fort on the hill, Brindaban Tank and temples like Neelkanthaswamy and Narsimhaswamy are worth visiting over here. 80 kilometers from Karimnagar, you have Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary too.

5. Nizamabad

Distance from Hyderabad: 175 kms

Nizamabad has many places of historical interest. If you are a history fan, a visit to Nizamabad can be really very rewarding for you. There is a temple that now has a water-supply tank and the fort of Indur.

road trips from hyderabad
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You can also visit Dichpalli Temple, Raghunathalaya Fort, Mallaram Forest and Armoor Rock Formation around Nizamabad.

6. Srisailam

Distance from Hyderabad: 213 kms

If you are looking for a pilgrimage trip at a pleasant hill station, along with some adventure a road trip from Hyderabad to Srisailam can be a good option for you. It is very famous for the Mallikarjuna temple, that is one of the Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

road trips from hyderabad
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The ancient piety associated with this place is very soothing for the soul. You can even visit Devi Bhrarambha Temple, which is considered to be a famous Shaktipitha. Kurnool is also a wonderful place to visit en route. Belum caves is the major attraction at Kurnool.

7. Adilabad

Distance from Hyderabad: 305 kms

Regardless of your wishlist, Adilabad is a dream destination for all kinds of tourists. The famous Nirmal paintings and handicrafts are a treat for shopaholics.

Make sure you get a souvenir for your relatives and friends from here. Besides, there are Kunthala Waterfalls and dams like Mathadevagu and Kadem. It is also rich is forests and fauna.

8. Maginapudi Beach

Distance from Hyderabad: 350 kms

Approximately 11 kilometers from Machilipatnam, the town of pristine beach, there is Maginapudi Beach. The artificial fountains at this relative safe beach complement the natural beauty in the best possible way.

road trips from hyderabad
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As the water over here is quite shallow, you can even enjoy taking a dip with your kids. You can buy the famous Kalamkari textiles from Machilipatnam.

9. Hampi

Distance from Hyderabad: 379 kms

The ruins of Hampi lie strewn over the beautiful landscape making it a delightful place to visit.

road trips from hyderabad
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It would set your mind to work regarding the thoughts of how did this fascinating terrain come into existence. Visit the majestic Virupaksha temple in Hampi Bazaar. The Hemakuta Hill and Nandi Statue also present for a mesmerizing sight.

10. Badami

Distance from Hyderabad: 425 kms 

The sixth century caves of Badami make it an interesting place to visit with friends or family. They are located in the south of the town. Early structural temples are housed in the northern part of this place.

road trips from hyderabad
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If you are planning a trip to Badami in January or February, include Banashankari too in your itinerary. It is around 5 kilometers from Badami and you can get a glimpse of the Chariot Festival over here. The quiet village environment gets transformed into a vibrant festival mood during this time.

Next time if you are planning a road trip from Hyderabad, you know exactly which places to add to your list.

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