Pokhara Activities : 6 Things To Do In Enchanting City of Nepal


Pokhara Activities: 6 Adventure things to do

Pokhara is a city with enchanting beauty and one of the most favoured holiday destinations of Nepal. The serene lakes and the magnificent Himalayas  charm of the city is hard to resist. The city has established itself as an ultimate holiday place for various outdoor activities. There are many things to do and see as part of Pokhara activities. We have listed only the 6 best Pokhara activities that you must not miss while you are there in holiday.

Zipline Ride

Pokhara Activties
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It has one on longest and the steepest, and the fastest line in the world. The Zip-flyer starts from the 1625 meters in Sarangkot and ends at 960mtrs in Hemmja plain. Its one of the most thrilling zip fly with the total distance of 1.80 km and a vertical height of 610 m (2000 ft.) The maximum speed goes up to  speed of 120 km/hr.


Pokhara Activties
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Its is award wining concept of paragliding with a twist. Here trained Egyptian eagles join the flyers and guide them to thermal air pockets for the perfect flying experience.

Phewa Lake

Pokhara Activties
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Its the second largest and one of the most beautiful lake in Nepal. Take a boat to the beautiful Barahi Temple in the island in the middle of lake. See the Peace Pagoda on the other side of the lake and enjoy the view of mountains reflecting on the clear waters of the lake. One can choose to row/paddle a boat or take a rower.

Ultra flight

Pokhara Activties
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A recreational aviation flight for people who love adventure and nature. The Ultra-light Flight aircraft gives a birds eye view of the whole region. With no windows or walls the rider can enjoy spectacular views and fresh air too!

Sunrise at Sarangkot

Pokhara Activties
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It is 1592m high view point and famous for mesmerizing sunrise and views of smountain ranges surrounding it. One can walk, take a bike or a taxi. Its lovely hike with sweeping mountain and natural views.

Caving in Pokhra

Pokhara Activties
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Pokhara has many mystical caves. These are all natural caves with naturally shaped stones inside, many of which are worshiped by locals. Mahendra Cave, Chameri Gupha, Gupteswar Mahadev Cave and The Crazy Cave are some of the best caves in Pokhra.

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Pokhra is one of the best holiday places to see and know Nepal, Plan your trip this year and enjoy many Pokhara activities like trekking, hiking and simply relaxing along with the activities mentioned here.