6 Places to Visit in Picturesque Dalhousie


Located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh Dalhouise sprawls over five hails that range in height from 1,525 m to 2,378 m .

A must visit place due to its unspoilt beauty Dalhousie still retains its Raj-era charm with its huge British style bungalows and old churches on leafy cobbled streets. Founded in 1853 by this place was named after Lord Dalhouise who was the the then Governor – general of British India.

Places to Visit and Things to Do

Enjoying the nature is the best things to do in dalhousie, and these are :

1. Nature Walk

The twin rounds of Garam Sarak (“warm Road“) and Thandi Sarak (“cold Road“), are quite popular.  A more easier walk from the Circuit House to Gandhi Chowk , which is the  town hub with churces, schools and post office offers magnificient views of the Pir Panjal Range. From Gandhi Chowk, another pleasant walk, about 3 km long, leads south to the pretty picnic spot of Panjpula or “Five Bridges“.

things to do in dalhousie
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2. Chamera Lake

An artificial lake  that was formed due to the building of Chamera dam in Ravi river. This is a scenic place where you enjoy water sports activities.

things to do in dalhousie
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3. Daikund Top

The Dainkund Peak is also known as the singing hill. The top of the hill a base of the Indian Air force and is inaccessible without proper permits. This mountain is one of the best trekking places here that offers awe-inspiring views.

4. Kalatope wildlife sanctuary

A drive through dense forest  of pine, oak, deodars  and rhododendron takes you to the Kalatope wildlife park that is at about 8 km east of Dalhousie.

things to do in dalhousie
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5. Khajjiar

About 26 km way from Dalhousie is Khajjiar, located at 2,000 m (6,562 ft). This saucer-shaped area of green meadow, is surrounded  by huge deodars. It is a picturesque, that can be compared with the best  views of  Kashmir or Switzerland. In the centre is a small lake with a golden-domed Devi temple built on a floating island.

things to do in dalhousie
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6. Ganji Pahari

The best way to access the scenic picnic spot that is 5 kms away from the maon town is by walking. This place offers some of the most scenic view of the whole area.

things to do in dalhousie
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Now, you know everything that are required to make your plans. Discuss with your friends or family and make a trip. Bon Voyage

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