Natural Ways For Radiant Skin – Make your Skin Glow


Every day we see a new ad of cosmetic claiming to  make the skin look younger and fairer. However, sometimes they do more harm than good. In the blizzard of these cosmetic products, one of the best way to enhance your skin is hidden in natural healing remedies. Physical wellbeing is best reflected in the glow of the skin. If you have healthy digestive system, circulatory system and detoxifying mechanisms, your skin automatically becomes radiant. Here are some natural remedies to get a radiant and impressive skin.

1. Massage your skin everyday 

According to Ayurveda, self-massage pacifies your skin and enhances it. It can make the circulation better and remove harmful substances from your body. Besides, it also boosts your immune system. Soothing oils like almond oil and unrefined sesame oil are the most recommended for such massage.

2. Have hot water with lemon

In order to ensure good digestion and bowel movements,  you should start the day with hot water and lemon or lime. This habit also improves the quality of your skin to a great extent.

3. Sleep for at least eight hours

Proper sleep is very important for a good skin. Unhealthy sleeping habits lead to dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep for at least eight hours every night.

natural ways for radiant skin
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4. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise improves the body circulation and gives the skin a more radiant look. It protects the body against health issues, thereby maintaining the quality of the skin. Hormonal balance is also restored by exercising daily so that there are no skin problems like acne.

5. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water

Junk food like burger, pizza and sandwich makes the skin vulnerable to pimples. A balanced diet including salads and green leafy vegetables is very important to nourish the body as well as the skin. Proper intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals goes a long way in supporting the skin radiance. Eight to ten glasses of water are a must for overall health of any individual.

6. Avoid random skin care products

Do not use random skin care products available in the market. They may contain paraben, oils and phthalate that can affect your skin adversely. Talcum powder, lipsticks, foundation and moisturising cream should be used judiciously, even if you are using it.

7. Use turmeric

Turmeric has wondrous effects in clearing the skin. This is evident by Ayurveda and even by recent scientific research. Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, it also has antimicrobial effects. Hepatic function is also improved by using turmeric. Take black pepper along with black pepper for the best results.

8. Refrain from using the laptop or cellphone for too long hours

Being in front of the laptop screen for prolonged periods and looking at the cellphone screen for too long can lead to under eye dark circles. Avoid such sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. Cucumber, potato and rose water can be used to pacify the eyes.

natural ways for radiant skin
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Skin care can be assured by keeping in mind all these natural methods. Allopathic medicines are not recommended as they mostly lead to relapse of the skin problem. It is absolutely true that Mother Nature has all medicines available in the purest form.

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