Why you should plan for a Mechuka trip?


Mechuka- The Hidden Paradise

Far away from the urban settlements, tucked in the northeast corner of Indo-Tibetan border in Arunachal Pradesh, is an untouched hidden paradise on earth –  Mechuka. Arunachal Pradesh is slowly opening up its untouched virgin beauty to tourism, this “rising land of sun” in India is famed around the globe for its serene beauty and diverse flora and fauna.

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Scenic Beauty of Mechuka

This is a place that stuns your senses …the scenic beauty, the expansive undulating valley, picturesque wooden houses, mighty snow-peaks, 400 year old Buddhist monastery,  innocent smiles and great local hospitality are just a few things that will greet you when you visit this remote heaven on earth.

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Mechuka is real sense offers the perfect picture-postcard views of snow-capped peaks, vast meadows and evergreen pine forests. A surreal valley with green rolling  meadows where horses run wild in pristine natural beauty with lakes and mountain rivers ;  to sum up this is the real heaven on earth .

Image Source: wikimedia.org
Image Source: wikimedia

Main attractions

The prime tourist attractions are 400 year old Samten Yongcha monastery, scenic Mechuka Lake, High hills, snow-capped mountains all around the valley and River Siyom.

  1. Samten Yongcha  is a monastery is a  400-year-old Buddhist Monastery  on a lovey hilltop with mesmerizing views. Many ancient artifacts and statues can be found here.
  2. Mechuka Lake is a picturesque natural mountain lake surrounded by snow capped hills.
  3. Trekking and hiking in the unexplored hills, angling and rafting in the River Siyom are some of the activities one can do here.
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This is one place that can be visited throughout the year. The weather of this place always remain pleasant.

How to Reach

385 km from the nearest airport Mohanbari in Dibrugarh, Assam  –  take a cab from here or reach Itanagar and take a car/cab to Mechuka

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