Majuli Island – A Surreal Disappearing Land


Majuli in Assam, India, was once the World’s largest river island but is no more so.  With each passing day, Majuli is shrinking. It has shrunk from its original 1,250 square kilometres to about 450 square kilometres today. Majuli is a surreal paradise that is disappearing in the laps of mighty Brahmaputra day by day. Visit Majuli only if you respect the environment and love to experience surreal offbeat places.

Majuli Island
Image source – Wikipedia/Majuli

The Uniqueness of Majuli Island

The first thing that strikes you when here is its unparalleled scenic beauty. The shimmering rice fields, the serene water meadows and the relaxed atmosphere will make you feel at peace with nature.

Majuli Island
Majuli Island | Image source –

Majuli is also the main center of Vaishnavism in Assam. A wonderful culture propagated by Srimanta Sankardeva, a great social reformer of the 16th century. There are as many as 22 monasteries or Satras  constructed by the saint that still survive and represent the vibrant Assamese culture. A visit to these Satras is the best way to understand and appreciate the rich Assamese cultural heritage.

Majuli Island
Majuli Island | Image source – Satra

Kamalabari Satra is one of the famous places here that offers you a chance to see the temple life close up, which is more about culture than religion. Make sure to visit the mask making Sangri Sarta to understand and appreciate the most famous traditional craft of Majuli- Mask Making.

The other famed Sartas are Daksinpath, Garamur and Auniati. These are also the best places to witness the Ahom royal artefacts from bygone eras. The best time to  observe the chanting, dances or drama recitations are at dawn and dusk or during the Ras Mahotsav Festival here.

Majuli Island
Majuli Island | Image source – pots

The island is also famous for its rare bio-diversity, unique flora – fauna and handicraft products like masks, pots and exquisite fabrics. Another major attraction are the thousands of rare migratory birds, like the Pelican,  Greater Adjutant and Siberian Crane that come here every winter.

Majuli Island
Majuli Island | Image source – masks

Reaching Majuli Island

Majuli Island is about  200km away from Guwahati and 20 km from Jorhat. Nearest Airport is at Jorhat (20kms) and  Dibrugarh (164kms). You can take the bus, or a hired taxi from any of the above destinations to the Nimati Ghat from where ferry services ply to Majuli.

There are three ferry’s per day and the ferry ride on the majestic Brahmaputra itself is a fantastic experience.

Stay and Food

There are a few good accommodation options in Majuli that includes the government guest house. For more information on Majuli stay you can click here.

The food is typical Assamese cuisine. You must try the local cuisines  like Khar,  Laksa, Tenga  and a few varities of Pitha while here. The famous Komal Saul cereal of Majuli is also a must try.

Plan a visit to this enchanting treasure island of India before it disappears along with its unique culture, maybe due to geological reasons or man’s indiscriminate meddling with nature,  in few decades.