Macau Could Be Your Perfect Holiday Destination – Here are the Top 15 Macau Tourist Attractions


China is a favored holiday destination for traveller’s from across the globe. If you are thinking on which part of China shall be the perfect travel destination this summer season- think Macau. If you love Casinos, Gondola rides, adventure, good food and history Macau is the destination you need to head to.

So get into the vacation mode by finding out the top 15 Macau tourist attractions:

Macau Tower

A must visit place with observation decks, restaurants, shopping areas and adventure activities. Get a panoramic view of Macau city, Taipa, Coloane islands and even Hong Kong on a sunny day. Go shopping or try out adventures like Mast Climb, Bungee jumping and Skywalk.

macau attractions
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Taipa Village

Get a taste of old Macau,literally at some excellent restaurants here. Enjoy the open spaces, traditional Chinese shops and streets  punctuated by colonial villas, churches and temples.

macau attractions
Image source macau/taipa village

City of Dreams

This is Macau’s most prominent leisure destination and an entertainment resort. It offers electrifying entertainment, stylish bars and lounges, world class accommodations, regional and international dining,  great shopping and much more.

macau attractions
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Venetian Macau Casino

The largest casino in Macau. Even if you don’t gamble go here to enjoy Gondola ride with the rower singing to you. Shop and eat in the food courts and enjoy the magnificent interiors that is a replica of an outdoor Venetian city

macau sightseeing

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Coloane Village Macau

Visit this place to get a glimpse of real architecture of Macau away from the glitz, glamour and artificial tourist attractions. With many shops and eateries its a perfect place to spend a day.

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Sun Yat Sen Park Macau

A  vibrant park that is the largest green area in Macau. Best during dusk to enjoy the majestic lights that that surrounds the whole park.

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Guia Fortress Macau

Its fortress , chapel and a lighthouse perched upon the top of Guia Hill. To visit you can either walk up the steep Guia Hill, take a taxi  or use the Guia Cable Car. Inside the chapel one can elaborate frescoes depict representations of both western and Chinese themes.

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Macau Wine Museum

With more than 1100 varieties of mainly Portuguese wine on display this wine museum not only offers information regarding wine and grapevines, but also to recreates the atmosphere of  wine production.

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Grand Prix Museum Macau

Opened 1993 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix, this palce features a number of automobile and motorbikes that takes part in the race every year in November.

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The Macau Museum

Located on a 16th century fort this museum offers insights on the Portuguese and Chinese history of Macau.

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Fortaleza Do Monte

This is the historical military centre of Macau, offering great views from the hilltop. Its right where the Macau museum is located.

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Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

a theme park as well as shopping area that is designed like a  Euramerican fisherman’s wharfs. It offers incredible sea view and has a mini Rome kind of look.

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Senado Square Macau

CA huge public square located in the central Macau . This square have many shops, amazing Chinese restaurants and amazing souvenir shops.

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A -Ma Temple

An ancient Buddha temple that showcases amazing Chinese architecture.

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Ruins of St Paul’s Macau

One of the most treasured icons of Macau, only a facade and a staircase is all that remains of this magnificent 17th century church.

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By now you must have prepared your Macau bucket list, check you the hotels and flights cost to make your journey.