Lambasingi: Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh


Lambasingi or Lammasingi Hills known as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh is a delightful hilly village located at a height of around 1000 meters from the sea level. Snowfall is considered to be limited to Northern India. However, Lambasingi in Southern India is gifted with occasional snowfall in the winter season.

Image source – Tripadvisor/Lambasingi

The Uniqueness Of Lambasingi

If you wish to experience zero degree temperature and real cold down south, Lambasingi of Andhra Pradesh is a brilliant option. The coffee and pepper plantations make Lambasingi a beautiful plantation getaway too. The place has a veil of fog in winters making it real romantic.

Image source – Lambasingitourism/lambasingi freezing at zero degree celsius

Tajangi Valley is an interesting place to visit when at Lambasingi. It is located in the forest hill station of Chintapalle near Lambasingi. For the best experince explore this place on foot. The dense forests and splendid valleys leave you relaxed and soothe your senses. Adventure activities like camping and trekking can also be undertaken at a few places here.

There are a few beautiful waterfalls here but there are no tourist places as such, its a tribal hamlet that is still untouched by touristy activities.

You can approach Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department office for special forest safari packages nearby. The best time to be here is from November to February.
Araku Valley, around 80 to 90 kilometers from Lambasingi is also a great place to include in your itinerary.

Image source – Lambasingitourism

Stay and Food

There are no accomodation in Lambasingi. Narsipatnam (25km away) provides good accommodation facilities if you wish to visit Lambasingi. You can even take tents along with you if you wish to go for hiking in groups. For food, you can approach some hotels that provide lunch or dinner according to orders. You would have to inform the hotel management beforehand.

Reaching Lambasingi

Lambasingi is easily accessible through roadways from Vizag that is around 100 kilometers away. You can reach Vizag by flight from most of the major cities of India.
Chintapalle is 19 kilometers from the destination is the nearest railhead. It is around 32 kilometers from Narsipatnam. Direct buses to Lambasingi are available from there.

Lambasingi is an offbeat hill station far away from the chaos of cities. If you like a bit of seclusion, chilly weather and mountains you would love Lambasingi Hills.