Kumbhalgarh – History, Adventure and Leisure


Kumbhalgarh, a renowned destination of Rajasthan, draws visitors from far and wide for the majestic fort that is around 7 centuries old. Tourists often visit the wildlife sanctuary too in the vicinity. It is the ideal destination if you wish to trek, have an adventurous jungle safari or simply unwind.

Fort Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh Fort is located on Banas riverbank and the massiveness of the fort is second to the world famous Great Wall of China. You would be astounded by the hugeness of the seven gates that guard the fort. The fort looks mesmerizing in the lighting at night. You would surely enjoy trekking to the top of the fort.

Image source – Wikipedia/Kumbhalgarh wall

Check out the magnificent two storey palace atop the cliff called Badal Mahal with  two different parts – Zanana Mahal and Mardana Mahal. The oil paintings here are simply marvelous. There are stone jalis in the Zanana Mahal through which the queens could witness the proceedings of the court and other events. The panoramic view of the desert landscape and the dense woods of the hillside is absolutely amazing.

Adjacent to the fort, there is Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple of Lord Shiva. The shivalinga is 6 feet high. As you sit there admiring the stone deity, you can listen to the awe-inspiring stories of Rana Kumbha who was beheaded by his own son while he was praying.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Around the fort, there is Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary extending over the Aravalli Ranges. You can take an open jeep safari that generally begins from the Kumbhalgarh Fort. You can also opt for foot tracking and horse safari. Its home to a few endangered species and also too Wolf, leopards, sloth bears, sambhar, four horned antelope, hyena, jungle cat, blue bull and jackals. It is possible to spot wolves packs ambling around the water bodies in summers. Kumbhalgarh is the only sanctuary of Rajasthan for spotting wolves in action.

You can even get to see birds like parakeets, red spur owls, golden oriole, bulbul, dove, pigeons, peacocks and white breasted kingfisher. The possibility of spotting wildlife, chirping of the birds and the dense woods with Bamboo, Jamun and Gooseberry trees impart a sense of thrill in the ambiance. Who knows! You might just see a sloth bear behind the bushes.
The ancient Vedi Temple and Mammadev Temple close to the fort are also worth a visit.

Around Kumbhalgarh

Plan an excursion to the Jain Temples of Ranakpur (33 kilometers) and Nathdwara (50 kilometers) from Kumbhalgarh. You would get to see lot many custard apple trees along the way to Ranakpur. During the season, you can even buy fresh custard apples from the local vendors.

Reaching Kumbhalgarh

The nearest airport and railhead is at Udaipur at about 90 kilometers from Kumbhalgarh. You  reach Kumbhalgarh by a private cab from Udaipur.

Stay and Food

You can avail the accommodation facility according to your budget preference in hotels or the heritage resorts here. You can dine at the restaurants at the resorts or head to the hotels and dhabas near the bus depot for cheap local food.

For anyone who wishes to take a break from the mundane life and head to a place where you would get peace of mind, Kumbhalgarh is the perfect destination.

Featured Image source : wikipedia