Kaziranga National Park


Kaziranga National Park : Beauty, Wildlife & Activities

Kaziranga National Park, with an area of 430 Sq kms, located in Golaghat and Naogaon districts of Assam is one of the most magnificent wildlife sanctuaries of India. Kaziranga was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. It is one of the most picturesque and pristine wildlife destinations in the whole of South east Asia.

Kaziranga National Park
Image source – Unesco.org/Kaziranga National Park

Uniqueness of Kaziranga National Park

Enclosed by the mighty Bramhaputra on one side and mount Karbi Anglong on the other the swamps and the tall grasslands here present an ethereal natural sight. Situated in an interesting geographical location, the park offers great natural beauty and is a heaven for nature lovers, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts

Kaziranga National Park
Image source – Kaziranga assam gov


With more than 1800 one horned rhinos it is home to two third of world’s population of this endangered species. Kaziranga records the highest tiger density anywhere in India and has been declared as a tiger reserve in 2006. The park is also home to large number of breeding Elephants, Swamp deer, Asiatic Water buffaloes, Gharials and numerous migratory and inhabitant birds.

Kaziranga National Park
Image source – Wikipedia/rhinoceros


The most interesting activity here is an early morning elephant safari. There are keep safaris available too but the best way to see the rhinos and other animals closely is in a rhino. You will be amazed to see the herds of wild elephants and rhinos roaming close by fearlessly.

Kaziranga National Park
Image source – Kaziranga national park/elephant safari

The other activities include jeep safaris to the very interiors of the reserve. You can also visit the beautiful  tea gardens, tribal villages  and the various crafts shops at the vicinity of Kaziranga National Park.

Kaziranga National Park
Image source – Kaziranga national park/jeep safaris

The park is open from 1st November to April for tourists. March and April being the best for animal sightings. The park is closed from June to September.

Reaching Kaziranga National Park

The nearest airport is at Jorhat at about 97 kilometers. Guwahati is 220 kilometers away from Kaziranga and all major cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai  and Bangalore have direct flights to Guwahati. The nearest major railheads too are Guwahati and Jorhat. Kaziranga is well connected by road from all the cities in Assam.


There are many hotels (Booking.com), tourist lodges, guest houses and a few luxury resorts in and around Kaziranga that offer a comfortable stay. The only eating options are at the restaurants attached to the various hotels and resorts in the park and they serve all types of cuisine.

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Come to Kaziranga National park if you want to experience the thrill of seeing wild animals up and close and explore hidden mystery of the jungle sitting on a elephant that are steered by the professional Mahout.