Kausani : A Peace Among Forested Lanes


Kausani : 7 Things to do

Perched high on a ridge of pine forests, Kausani is a village offering splendid panoramic views of the distant snow clad mountain peaks of Himalayas. Here are some things to do in Kausani trip  while you are there :

Anasakti Ashram is the most popular tourist attraction at Kausani. Mahatma Gandhi resided over here for around a fortnight, in the year 1929. He found Kausani an inspirational retreat where he penned down Anasakti Yoga, his Bhagavad Gita treatise. It is located 1 kilometer uphill from Kausani bus stand. It even has a small museum and library where you can get to know about the story of Gandhiji’s life with the help of photographs and words. 6 PM is the best time to visit it since you can get to attend nightly prayers recited to commemorate the Father of our nation. Unwind yourself in the tranquil aura of the ashram.


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Kausani Tea Estate is another interesting place to visit. Buy souvenirs from this enterprise that is looked after by farmers, government and private companies. It is located 3.5 kilometers from Kausani en route Baijnath.

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A nightly stargazing show is another attraction near Hill Queen Restaurant of Kausani. You get a remarkable opportunity to see different stars and planets through a high-powered telescope on clear sky.

Visit the Sun Temple of Katarmal, 10 kilometers away. It is an architectural splendor popular for the sculptures on stone and metal with wonderful carvings on pillars and doors.

Baijnath is 19 kilometers away from Kausani and the meticulous carving and stone work of this pilgrimage spot would surely make you awestruck.

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Baghnath Temple of Bageshwar is an important pilgrimage spot for Shaivites located at the confluence of the rivers Gomti and Sarju. It is around 4 centuries old but the spiritual importance of this temple has not changed over years. If you happen to visit it in January, you would get to witness the Uttarayani Fair held every year in mid-January.

Rudradhari Falls, 10 kilometers from Kausani, you can trek to Rudradhari Falls and a small temple of Lord Shiva in the hills. The simplest way is to hire a cab to the starting point of the trek. The temple is 1.5 kilometers trek along a well marked trail.

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Kausani is easily accessible from Delhi. Its just 410 kilometers drive from Delhi (google map). Kathgodam is the nearest rail head connected to Delhi and Lucknow, 142 kilometers away. Kausani is a comfortable drive from  Lucknow, Almora, Ranikhet, Bageshwar, Kathgodam and Nainital as well.

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A memorable summer vacation awaits you at Kausani, one of the most relaxing summer resorts of India.

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