The Most Amazing Things to do While on a Holiday at Maldives


Maldives is a group of 26  atolls  located in the Indian Ocean. It is visited by thousands of tourists from across the world for its blue lagoons, perfect beaches and pristine reefs.

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The best things to do when in Maldives are:

Enjoy Water Sports

Maldives,  offers a wide range of water activities to suit every interest and level of experience. Whether you have never tried it before, or you are an old pro at the sport, there is a scope for some fun and thrill for all  here!


holiday at maldives
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Some of the most sought after and must try water sports here are:


Maldives is a perfect surfing holiday destination.The surf season here are from mid February to November. June to August are likely to have bigger swells and September and October are known as consistent swell months.

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A perfect place to windsurf, you can skim the Indian Ocean with the wind as your engine during one of the amazing wind-and-water surfing here. One must also try water skiing while in Maldives.

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One of the most sought after adventure sports in Maldives it gives you a fabulous opportunity to explore the Maldives atolls and archipelago and get a birds eye view of the same.


Catamaran Sailing

Enjoy a sailing vacation , go island hopping with and enjoy pristine beaches on a catamaran sailing yacht, with or without skipper and a chef and enjoy  the idyllic sunsets, watch the dolphins and have amazing snorkelling excursions,  a perfect way to lay back, relax and enjoy!

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Big Game Fishing

Any season would be favorable but monsoons would be great time because one can see the  new formation in marine life during that time.

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Scuba Diving

A must try thing to do when in Maldives due to its rich and colourful reefs with an abundance of marine life. The diving is good all year long, but the monsoon brings significant rain in between June to August. Two of the most amazing places for diving are – the Banana Reef and the Manta Point.

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Banana Reef

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Manta Point

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Submarine Diving

Now if you are the one who cannot dive and yet want to explore the wonderful underwater not to worry. In Maldives one of the best and easy ways to enjoy the under sea is through  a submarine dive.

Whale-Dolphin Watchings

Maldives is one of the top five places in the world for whale and dolphin watching. Over 20 different species of whales and dolphins could be found in and around these atolls.

Sandbank Excursion

Maldives is a place for perfect vacation and the sandbank excursions in Maldives is the best escapade for those wanting to have a lovely adventure. Enjoy the splendid climate of sun, sea and sand. Be surrounded by a wonderfully liberating time as the excursion to the sandbanks will be a experience of  lifetime.

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Sea of Stars

Vaadhoo Island in Maldives is also known as  the “Sea of Stars” due to its glowing blue waves.  The little micro-organisms in the water when in contact with oxygen  cause this unbelievable glowing effect that looks almost surreal.

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Enjoy The Beauty of Aqua Blue Waters

A holiday in Maldives is a once in a lifetime experience and is the best place to enjoy the aqua blue waters and pristine beaches. Do try and stay in the water villas for a memorable holiday.

holiday at maldives
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Cherish the Supreme Excursions while Relaxing and Chilling. A person should visit this place to truly experience and witness how beautiful the marine world is!

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