Holi Celebration Jaipur – What Happened to The Elephant Festival


Holi Celebration Jaipur – The Elephant Festival

Many people from Indian and foreign lands visit Jaipur during Holi owing to the famed Elephant Festival that used to take place annually in the Holi eve. However, due to pressure from animal rights groups, there has been no Elephant Holi here since 2012. The activists were concerned about the harm elephants  exposed to toxic coloured powders.

The Alternative To Elephant Festival

Despite the Elephant festival being cancelled, its one of the best places to be during the Holi festivals. Other than enjoying Holi the Hotels you are staying in (almost every hotel has a special Holi celebration Jaipur) these are the other two places where one must go for Holi while there.

EleHoli Fest

Eleholi Fest is organised here every year at the at Eleday Elephant Sanctuary near Amber Fort, Jaipur. Its a two days festival one day is elephant festival and next day is holi festival. Click Ele Holi Celebration Jaipur for more details

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Rajasthan Tourism organizes a special celebration for all the visitors. A special Holi celebration is held at the lawns of its Khasa Kothi hotel, near the railway station (Irctc) on MI Road. Even if you are not a hotel guest you can be a part of it. Rajasthani folk music lots of colours, great food and safety are the main highlights of this celebration.

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