The Best 12 Hill Stations Around Hyderabad


Hyderabad is rightly known as the city of pearls. The monuments, Ramoji City, beautiful temples and mosques make Hyderabad a very nice city to be in. If you wish to take a break from the city old hectic life, you can plan a trip to the beautifully serene hill stations around Hyderabad. Check out the list here to get a concise information regarding all those wonderful hill stations.

Ananthagiri Hills 

Distance from Hyderabad 78 kilometers 

Ananthagiri Hills  located in a pristine and dense forest region close to Vikarabad in Telangana is a popular hill destination near Hyderabad. These hills where the Musi River originates are located at a height of 700 m above the sea level in the beautiful lush undulating ranges of the Eastern Ghats.

hill stations around hyderabad
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It is renowned for the awesome coffee plantations and numerous waterfalls like Tadimada waterfalls.  You can visit this place throughout the year. If you love trekking, you would surely love this tourist destination.

Nallamala Hills

Distance from Hyderabad : 226 kilometers 

Nallama Hills located in the Eastern Ghats is a lovely place with dense forest all around. Spread over the Mahabubnagar and Kadapa districts of Andhra Pradesh winters are the best time to visit this hill station as summers can get quite humid.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Situated at an elevation 0f 1100 meters above sea level many parts of this hills are still  unexplored with numerous native and sometimes hostile tribes living within the dense forests. You can also check out Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve around here.

Horsley Hills

Distance from Hyderabad : 528 kilometers

Horsley Hills also on Eastern Ghats is located at an elevation of 1290 m above sea level and is a popular hill station. It is mostly visited during December to February. Besides the ancient temples, there is the world’s largest banyan tree around 75 kilometers from this place.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Adventure sports, trekking and wildlife photography can be enjoyed over here. The serenity of this hill station would make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Distance from Hyderabad : 572 kilometers 

Located at a elevation of 1295 m above sea level  Panchgani is a nice hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra . Surrouneded by lakes and lush green hills this is one of the best hill stations in Inda.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Misty weather during winters adds to the charm of the lush green surroundings. It can be visited throughout the year as the climate remains almost pleasant in all seasons.


Distance from Hyderabad : 590 kilometers

Lambasingi is a relatively unexploited and enthralling hill stations of Andhra Pradesh, though a little far away from Hyderabad. ”Kashmir” of Andhra Pradesh is the other name for this wonderful hill station.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Snowfall is the unique attraction of this place. Even in summers over here have the temperatures can go down to 5 degree Celsius.


Distance from Hyderabad : 604 kilometers

Located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka this is a very popular hill station. With green environment , pleasant temperature all throughout the year and numerous activities this is an amazing holiday destination.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Avoid visiting this hill station during monsoon. River rafting, bird watching and the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary are the principal reasons why Dandeli is such a popular hill station among the people.


Distance from Hyderabad : 623 kilometers

Lonavala is the one of the most famous hill stations of India located in Maharashtra . The easy accessibility from Mumbai has made it a world renowned tourist spot.

hill stations around hyderabad
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October to May is the best time to visit Lonavala. Karla and Bhaja Caves, Duke’s Nose peak, Walwan Dam, Ekvira Devi Temple, Lohagad and Visapur Fort are the must visit places over here. You can also visit Bushy Dam and Tiger Point. If you have some more days on hand, Khandala is also a nice option.

Araku Valley

Distance from Hyderabad: 666 kilometers

Araku Valley at an elevation of 998m from sea level  is also referred to as Andhra Ooty  It is a picturesque hill station on the Eastern Ghats with huge expanses of coffee plantation.  A number of tribal communities reside here. Spread over a verdant area of 38 square kilometers, it is a perfect retreat for everyone with beautiful waterfalls and streams.

hill stations around hyderabad
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 The highlights of this place are the tribal village and the tribal habitat museum. The Dhimsa  Chaaparai is a picturesque picnic spot just 15 kilometers off Araku.  The best time to visit Araku Valley is June – February.

Yelagiri Hills

Distance from Hyderabad : 677 kilometers

Yelagiri Hills situated in Tamil Nadu is a wonderful hill station to unwind and relax.  Surrounded by green hills , dense forests and the pleasant climate here makes it a perfect hill station .

hill stations around hyderabad
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Boating in Punganur Lake and Childrens’ Park are the main attractions at this tourist destination. November to February is the most recommended time for the visit.


 Distance from Hyderabad: 679 kilometers

Chikmaglur means “The Young Daughter’s Town”.  Except June to August, you can visit this hill station throughout the year. Waterfalls like Hebbe falls and Kalathgiri falls are situated here.

hill stations around hyderabad
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You can also have a nice time at Baba Budangiri that is one of the highest mountain peaks of Karnataka. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can visit Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.


Distance from  Hyderabad : 797 kilometers 

Yercaud is a peaceful hill station of Tamil Nadu in the Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats. With greenery all around its aideal place to unwind and enjoy. Visit the Pagoda Point without fail.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Boating in the soothing waters of the stunning Yercud Lake is an added attraction at this place apart from trekking. October to June is the recommended time to visit Yercaud.


Distance from Hyderabad :  830 kilometers 

The coffee plantations and spice estates of Coorg has made it a wonderful weekend getaway. It is such a beautiful hill station that it is referred to as India’s Scotland.

hill stations around hyderabad
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Toy train ride, jungle safari, trekking, nature trails and white water rafting are some of the exciting adventures you can enjoy here.

The places described above are a lot more than the description. The beauty of these places cannot be described in words. So plan a visit them and see with your own eyes how awesome they truly are and enjoy a great holiday.