A Serene Hill Station Nahan


Located at Sirmaur district. 100 km (62 miles) South  of Shimla lies the beautiful and most picturesque hill station  Nahan.It is situated at the lower Shivalik Hills and is close to the plains and is just 6 hours drive from Delhi. Nahan nestles sleepily on a low wooded ridge at 930 m (3,051 ft).

Visiting Nahan is a unique experience and there are many places for sightseeing here.  The old town has a quaint charm with cobbled streets and an bazaar that dates back to 17th century. A well laid out town on a hill top over-looking green fields with a huge lake – Rani Tal located in the centre of the town.

Places to Visit:

Renukaji Lake

Situated 38 kilometers from  Nahan this is the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh. A well maintained lake with boating facilities and is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary. The lake is shaped like a reclining woman, the Godess Renuka .According to Hindu mythology, Renuka was the wife of the sage Jamdagni and mother of Lord  Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She was killed by her son at his father’s command, and miraculously came back to life, only to disappear again, leaving behind an imprint in the shape of her body.

hill station nahan
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Renuka Wildlife Santuary

The total area of the sanctuary is about 402.80 kms and here one can witness a plethora  of wild flora , fauna and animals like Asiatic Lions. There is also a mini zoo in the outskirts housing a pride of lions, Himalayan black bear and antelope for one can go and watch the animals in their natural environs.Nearby lies a smaller lake called Parasurama Tal, and below this, an open area where the Renuka Fair is celebrated every year in November.

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Suketi Fossil Park

Suketi Fossil Park, is one of the most famed  fossil parks in the whole of  Asia and is well  known for its life-size models of pre- historic animals.

hill station nahan
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Jaitak Fort

This is  one of the oldest forts of Nahan, that was built by the Gorkhs leader Ranjor Singh Thapa on top of the Jaital hills after defeating the then rulers of Nahan.

hill station nahan
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Also while in Nahan you can  visit the Pakka Talab, Jagganath temple that is located in Nahan town and the Ranzore Palace that is still used as residence by the erstwhile royal family of Nahan.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

How to Reach:

Nearest Airport – Chandigarh (79 kms ); Nearest Rail-head: Barog (48 kms ). Well connected by road from Shimla, Chandigarh, Delhi.

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