The Hidden Hill Stations Of South India


Hill Stations

During summers, heading to hills stations is definitely a great idea. In Winters, heading to South for getting some relief from biting cold is good. Given below are some of the hidden hill stations in South India.



A beautiful district in South India but is not flooded with tourists yet. You will get some great views here as you would drive through the forests like wild elephants meandering.. The most awesome attraction of this place is the arcdam which is the largest in the country, and the Anamudi, the highest peak in South India. Idukki is situated at the top of Western Ghats surrounded by peaks. The arch dam built across the KuravanKurathi mountain is brilliant and beyond description.

Peermede, Kerala

Blessed with aenormousarea of green cover, gorgeous rolling hills, gurgling streams and gushing waterfalls; Peermede is a serene and tiny hill station of Kerala where the nature is still pure and virgin. Located  at an altitude of 915 m above the sea level, this hill town is a serene picturesque place waiting to be discovered.

Ponmudi, Kerala

Ponmudi is a very good place in the country wherein a beautiful sunrise can be watched, just like that which was drawn with crayons while you were small. Do you remember those two hills between which the sun comes up slowly and casts rays around. This hill station is exactly the same. You would be woken up early morning by this beautiful sunrise.

Devikulam, Kerala

A magnificent lake with a legend, rolling tea plantations, , greenest sceneries and cascading waterfalls are the few charms of this quaint hill station located at 1800 m above sea level. The Sita Devi Lake which is a major  attractionis believed to be place where Goddess Sita had bathed years ago and hence assumes immense religious importance.


Anthargange, Karnataka

Anthargange in Karnataka at an altitude of 1712 m from sea level with its amazing caves, rocky terrain , dense plantation forest and hills is  one of the best getaways for rock climbing, trekking  and cave exploration enthusiast.

Kemmanagundi, Karnataka

Kemmanagundi or KR hills, home to the highest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagirioffer a picture-perfect summer getaway. If you want to be part of the beautiful nature and enjoy serenityhis is the perfect place to be. Its natural beauty consists of exquisite gardens, maountain springs, waterfalls and streams.

Kudremukh, Karnataka

The greenrolling meadows, grasslands and dense forests, Kudremukh is an enthralling place to visit. Siytuated at an altitude of 1894 m above sea level, the Kudremukh Peak is a heaven for explorers, trekkers and naturists alike, due to itshillypathways and floral and faunal diversity.

Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hills,  Tamil Nadu

Kolli Hills is  small mountain range at 1200 m above the sea level in central Tamil Nadu. This hills are still quite untouched by the city dwellers as one can find 16 quaint little tribal villages that once constituted the hill kingdom of Ori. Much of the charm of this hill country still is the same and this the ideal place for an quiet holiday.

Hogenakkal , Tamil Nadu

Situated on the border of Karnataka, 46kms Hogenakkal is also designatedas the ‘Niagara’ of India, and is  an exhilarating holiday destination. Hogenakkal is located about 750 feet above sea level amidst the Melagiri Hills and has  one of the most spectacular falls of India.

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

A lesser known hill station that is most of times secluded- you can enjoy complete peace here. It has a nice scenery and is quite peaceful. However, don’t expect beauty like that of Himalayas. Here, you will find an artificial lake named Punganoor wherein boating can be done. It also has a lovely nature park and one can also enjoy  some trekking and paragliding here.

Kutrallam, Tamil Nadu 

Kutrallam is an ideal getaway for individuals who want to be connected with nature and get lost in the proclivity of spirituality. It is a minor town of Tamil Nadu situated in Tirunelvali District at an elevation of 167 m on the Western Ghats. It is also widely called the ‘Spa of South’and  isbestowed by the Mother Nature in complete glory.


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