There is a Special Reason to Attend Hemis Festival 2016 , Ladakh


Hemis Festival 2016, 14th-15th July 2016, Leh, Ladakh

The main courtyard of Hemis Gompa – the largest  Buddhist monastery of Ladakh is the stage for famed Hemis festival that holds a two day celebration every year to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava.

Why attend Hemis Festival 2016

Witness History

This year the Hemis Festival will be grand and extravagant. After 12 years the precious  two-storey high ”Thangka”of Guru Padmasambhava will be unfurled during the festival – it happens once in 12 years. This celebrated and historical ‘Thangka’, is embellished with semi-precious gems and pearls and has stunning handiwork.

Hemis Festival 2016

Be a part of Cham  Dance

Cham is a splendid masked dance in colorful attires by the priests of the Gompa. The masked dancers act out the combat between good spirits and evil demons to the beats of cymbals, drums, and long horns. The whole crowd gets upbeat and joins in the song and dance ritual when the dough idol of evil is destroyed by the leader of black hat dancers signifying victory of good over evil.

Hemis Festival 2016

Enjoy the Colourful Fair

A colorful village fair displaying the region’s handicrafts and amazing local food is a major attraction of this festival.

Hemis Festival 2016

Experience a Unique Culture

By being a part of this festival you will understand and witness a culture that is unique and distinct like nowhere in the world. Take a tour of the Hemis Gompa and get lost in history.

Hemis Festival 2016

A few not so  known facts about Hemis Monastery

  1. It is the largest, oldest and most powerful monastery of Ladkah located  45 kms from Leh
  2. Situated in a gorge, this ancient monastery was first established in 11th century and later re-built in 1672.
  3. It is the only monastery in Ladakh that was never looted or attacked – a monastery that has stayed unscathed through several wars and conquests in the history.
  4. Its splendour steeped in rich heritage,history and mythology of Tantric Buddhism, draws many tourists from all over the globe.

Accommodation in Leh

Going for Hemis Festival? Don’t worry about the accommodation. There are many budget to luxury hotels in Leh. You can even opt for a home-stay or a hostel stay.

How to Reach

The best way to reach Leh-Ladakh is by air or by road. There are daily flights from Delhi – Leh. Reach Ladakh from Kashmir Valley through Kargil, which is around 434 kms. Manali-Leh road is 473 kms, from Manali.