5 Best Gujarati Dishes For Lunch


A Gujarati dish typically consists of Rotli (Roti), shak (Vegetable) along with pulses, daal, bhaat (rice), farsaan which includes items like khandvi, dhokla or handvo and a sweet dish. A few modifications to this customary dish can make wonders to The five best Gujarati dishes for lunch are as follows.

1. Rotli-Shak-Dal-Bhat

The traditional soft chapatis with a vegetable make for the best lunch option. It can be best complemented with pulses and farsaan like dhokla. Gujarati style daal which has a bit of sweet taste and rice can also be added to the dish. To end with, a sweet dish like Kansaar, Basudi or Laapsi goes the best. You can even add a special chutney made of grams, coconut and sesame seeds along with pickles prepared with raw mango or lemon and papad to have a complete lunch. In parts of Saurashtra, a tasty vegetable of tomatoes and ‘sev’ is taken along with roti and buttermilk.

gujarati dishes for lunch
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2. Dal Dhokli

Dal Dhokli is the most easily prepared lunch of Gujarati cuisine. It is usually eaten with rice. This dish consists of preparation of dal and addition of “dhokli” to it. Dhokli is whole cooked pieces of wheat dough. It is cooked with dal and then served with curd,  papad or buttemilk.

3. Vedhmi-Kadhi

Vedhmi is basically sweet roti made by cooking pigeon peas. The same dish is made in Maharashtra too but they prepare it with chickpeas. You can have it with tasteful Gujarati kadhi(curry) made with gram flour, curd, jaggery and spices. You can even add khichdi to the plate and enjoy it with kadhi. Vedhmi is also known as “puranpoli”.

gujarati dishes for lunch
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4. Puri-aloo ki sabji with shrikhand

Having cooked potatoes vegetable with puri and shrikhand makes for a superb lunch option. If you wish to try something other than chapatis, Puri is a great option.

gujarati dishes for lunch
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5. Bajri no rotlo-baingan ka bharta with ghee, butter and jaggery

Pearl millet flour is used to prepare “bajri no rotlo”. Add lots of ghee to it and then relish it with “baingan ka bharta” (made with brinjal). You can even have it with white butter made at home and jaggery.

gujarati dishes for lunch
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The dishes mentioned above make up for a full fledged lunch option. If you are wishing to have some light snacks, sev khamni, pakode made of potato, onion and green chillies and bataka vada (made of potato; bataka=potato) are brilliant options.

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