Goa Is Exquisite During Rains When Nature Prospers


The moment we think of Goa, the images that conjures up are of Sun, Sea, Sand and Surfing. But very few realise that the real beauty and glory of Goa is at maximum during the monsoon. The rain carries its own charm, and Goa takes on a more traditional flavor.

Here are the reasons to visit Goa to discover the romance of rains.

1. Beaches

goa monsoonThe beaches are clean and deserted offering you awe-inspiring solitude by the sea.

2. Dudhsagar Falls

goa monsoonDudhsagar Falls in monsoon is at its best – foaming and milky white.

3. Sao-Joao festival

goa monsoon

Sao-Joao festival or the Fertility Feast of Saint John the Baptist is held in June

4. Spice plantations

goa monsoon

Spice plantations at Savoi-Veremcome alive splendidly during monsoons.

5. Rain walk

goa monsoonRain walks by the glorious Goan beaches is an unparalleled experience.

6. Sea Gazing

goa monsoonOne can also indulge in Sea Gazing at some of the south and north Goa beach shacks that are open.

7. Fishing

goa monsoon

One can also Fish along the riverside or go crab hunting by the sea

8. Wildlife Sanctuary

goa monsoon

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwani Mahavir Sanctuary and Mollem National Park are also must-visit this time to explore not only the varied wildlife but also the amazing flora and fauna.

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