Ganpatipule – Nature lovers’ paradise


Finding Goa too crowded? Well then, Ganpatipule on the southern Konkan coast is the beach for you! You can witness several kilometers of pristine beaches with white sand and clear water over here. Nature lovers, beach buffs and pilgrims, Ganpatipule has something for you all.

Image source – Wikipedia/Ganpatipule beach

Main highlights of Ganpatipule

According to the famous legend, it is said that the monolithic Ganpati shrine over here is self-manifested around 1600 years ago. That makes spiritual and favorite among piligrims. The hill that forms the backdrop of this temple is itself in the form of an idol of Ganeshji. A “pradakshina” around this temple implies that you have walked around the hill itself.

Image source – Wikipedia/Ganpati Temple

Ganapatipule boasts of a white silvery sand beach with mangroves and coconut palms.The most breathtaking sight is at the time of dusk when the sky is colored orange gold as the ball of fire sets down the horizon. You can amble around the beach and explore the various trails amidst the coconut trees. The beach resort offers facilities for water sports like kayaking and boating that add adventure to your trip.

Around a kilometer from Ganpatipule, Malgund has a special beach called Gaiwadi, a center for the most interesting water rides. Aare and Ware are the famous twin beaches over here. Both these beaches are located on either sides of Ganpatipule Beach.

Prachin Konkan is the famous open air museum that is quite popular over here. It gives you a glimpse into the region’s  lifestyle.
Ril Beach on the way to Jaigadh from Ganpatipule is one of the most unexploited beaches over here , with miles of clean sand. Jaigadh, a 17th century fort is around 15 kilometers from Ganpatipule. The mesmerizing sea views offered from the  fort makes it an awesome picnic spot for many.

Stay and Food

You can have a joyful stay at the seaside beach resorts and cottages facing the beach. Do not miss out to taste Malvani Fish Curry and other local delicacies of Maharashtra when you are here.

Reaching Ganapatipule

Ganpatipule Beach can be easily accessed via roadways from Mumbai (370 kms), Kolhapur and Ratnagiri. If you wish to travel by railway, you can reach Ratnagiri through the Konkan railway route and then hire a private cab to cover the remaining 50 kilometers to Ganpatipule. There are regular State Transport buses from Mumbai and Pune to Ganpatipule .

Some journeys as well as destinations are equally enjoyable. A journey to Ganpatipule is one such trip that is as pleasing as the destination. Get your reservation confirmed and set off to a memorable trip to Ganpatipule.