The Breathtaking Seacoast of Diu

Beauty Diu
Image source Diu/Gov

Diu, the seacoast town of Gujarat is very popular for its unexploited beaches. It is a laid-back tourist destination and a perfect spot and enjoy the pristine atmosphere by the sea.

The Beauty of Diu

In the heart of Diu, there is magnificent Diu Fort established by Portuguese during  16th century.

Housed on cliffs, it offers a wonderful view of the gushing sea waters. From here, you can even have a look at the Panikota Forte do Mar, a sentinel in the middle of the sea. Within the fort walls, there is a jail, chapel ruins and the Cavalier lighthouse. During winter, the foggy ambience adds an element of mystery to the island. Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM. No entry fee.

Image Source Diu.Gov/ St. Thomas’ Church converted into museum

Visit Diu Museum formerly St. Thomas Church between 8 AM to 10 PM. It is home to antique statues, different stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, wooden carvings, Hindu idols and relics of Jain pilgrimage sites.   The Gothic architecture of St. Paul’s Church dedicated to Lady of Immaculate Conception is worth witnessing. The shell-like motifs used for its decoration and fantastic wood carved panels prepared by Goan craftsmen add to its magnificence. At night, the building gets floodlit and presents for a beautiful sight.

To admire the amazing Portuguese architectural marvel there is Makata Lane, famous for the mansions owned by wealthy Portuguese and Indian merchants. The Nagarseth Haveli combines European and Indian designs in the best possible way.

Picturesque Beaches

1 kilometer from Diu Fort, there is Jalandhar Beach. There is the domed Jalandhar shrine near a hilltop. It is dedicated to the demon king who was assassinated by Vishnu. The king’s face is carved in a niche. Nagoa Beach is a 20 minute drive through palm tree plantations. It is past the airport towards Bucharwada Fishing Village. It is the ideal place to get refreshed and admire the coastline enhanced by the lush green surroundings. Chakratirth is a quaint beach perfect to enjoy the sunset and peaceful atmosphere.

Image source Ghoghla Beach/Diu

Ghoghla Beach and Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach are also great beaches for swimming. There are facilities for parasailing, speed boating and water skiing.

Evening cruises with music leave from the jetty at Bandar Chowk.

Stay and Food

You have the option of staying in luxurious resorts or budget hotels according to your preference. Food options ranging from Gujarati Thali to lobsters to fish delicacies are available at Diu.

Reaching Diu

The airport is 6 kilometers out of Diu, near Nagoa Beach. A daily flight connects the island with Mumbai. The nearest railhead is at Una, 12 kilometers from Diu. ST and private buses are available to reach Diu. Shared rickshaws are also available from Ghoghla. You can explore Diu on foot or through buses within and around Diu Fort.

For anyone seeking for a peaceful vacation at the beach far away from the city life, Diu is the most picturesque destination.