One Day Trips From Hyderabad


Hyderabad has a treasure of sightseeing places in and around the city. For those who are tired of the same old mundane life, try out something new like going on a one day trips from Hyderabad. Check out the list below for the places you can visit in a day.

1. Moulali Hillock

Distance from Hyderabad: 15 kms

Trekkers, please brace yourselves! Moulali Hillock is a great place to explore if you love trekking.

one day trips from hyderabad
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Pack your rucksack and get going. Start early in the morning so that you do not have to sweat profusely on climbing the 400 steps. The Moulali Dargah situated at the hilltop would give you a peaceful and spiritual feeling. Relics of Hazrat Ali, son in law of Prophet Muhammad are said to be present here. Make sure you have water with you. If you are scared of dogs, you can take a stick too along with you.

2. Gandipet

Distance from Hyderabad: 23 kms

Gandipet, also known as Osman Sagar Lake is an excellent picnic spot where you can enjoy with your entire family.

one day trips from hyderabad
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The best time to visit it is during monsoon season. You can even visit the park nearby. Chilkur Balaji Temple and Mrugavani National Park are also quite accessible from here. Evenings at this lake are totally a bliss. The splendid sunset builds up the amazing vibes of the place.

3. Shamirpet Deer Park

Distance from Hyderabad: 30 kms

For anyone who loves spotting wildlife and families with small kids, Shamirpet Deer Park is a nice option for you.

one day trips from hyderabad
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Deer and peacocks are the main attractions over here. Besides that, there is a butterfly park too over here. Try your luck at Shamirpet or Jawahar Deer Park. You may just get a priceless chance to see deer sipping water from the lake.

4. Anantagiri Hills

Distance from Hyderabad: 81 kms

Anantagiri Hills is one of the best choices for one day trip from Hyderabad.

one day trips from hyderabad
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The tranquil atmosphere amidst the coffee plantations would make all the nature lovers awestruck. You can even get authentic coffee for your friends and relatives from here. After monsoon season, it gets even more beautiful with the waterfalls. Tiny tots would also enjoy a lot over here.

5. Medak

Distance from Hyderabad: 96 kms

Historic city of Medak has fort, museum, church, temple and a wildlife sanctuary for its visitors.

one day trips from hyderabad
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It basically has something for everyone in your family. The places you can visit here are the Medak Fort, Medak Church, Kondapur Museum, Batik Art and Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary. Birdwatchers as well as wildlife photographers would love the wildlife sanctuary for the precious flora and fauna. Kashi Vishweshwar and Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temples are the main religious sites over here.

6. Nalgonda

Distance from Hyderabad: 102 kms

Nalgonda is mainly renowned for the pilgrimage spots over here.

one day trips from hyderabad
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Hindu as well as Jain Temples like Yadagiri Gutta Temple, Pachala Someshwar Temple, Chaya Someshwar Temple and Kolanpaku Jain Temple are the major highlights over here. Phangiri Buddhist site is also worth a visit. A mythological museum called Kunda Satyanarayan Kala Dhamam can also be visited once you are here.

7. Warangal

Distance from Hyderabad: 145 kms

Warangal is the heartland of Andhra Pradesh. It has the most unparalleled form of architecture.

one day trips from hyderabad
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The surrounding lakes are so beautiful that they reflect its glorious past. The ruins of Warangal also present a grand view. Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillars Temple, Pakhal Lake, Champak Hills and Tribal Tourism: Sammaka-Saralaka Jatara are some of the tourist attractions at Warangal. You can even visit Bhadrakali Temple and Ramappa Temple.

8. Bidar

Distance from Hyderabad: 148 kms

The pleasant climate of the fort town of Bidar gives a magnificent view to the tourists. It is situated at a height of 2330 feet above sea level.

one day trips from hyderabad
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You can spot herds of blackbucks too over here. It is truly an eye-pleasing sight. If you are travelling by road, you can even get to spot partridges, peacocks and rabbits besides blackbucks.

9. Nagarjunasagar

Distance from Hyderabad: 154 kms

Nagarjunasagar Dam is one of the largest dams built in Asia. You can even see the turbines in action if you happen to visit this place.

one day trips from hyderabad
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Nagarjuna Konda is a splendid island in the center of an artificial lake, where you can get to see some Buddhist relics excavated from the island. 15 miles from Nagarjunasagar, there is Ethipotala Waterfall that is sure to soothe your senses.

10. Mallela Theertham 

Distance from Hyderabad: 174 kms

Have an unforgettable picnic at Mallela Theertham Waterfall. Birds and butterflies add to the charm of the place.

one day trips from hyderabad
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The splendour of this place is worth the descent and climb of 300 steps. The alarm call of the spotted deer disrupts the serenity of the place sometimes. You can take food and water, but make sure you do not pollute the place.

11. Khammam Fort

Distance from Hyderabad: 195 kms

The rich historical heritage of Khammam is the main reason for its tourist draw. Khammam Fort has a beautiful amalgamation of Hindu and Islam architecture.

There are steps through which you can reach atop. The temples located here are also worth visiting. Places around Khammam Fort include the hot springs at Gundala, boating at Lakaram Lake and Jeep Safaris at Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary to spot pythons, hyena, wild boars, jackals and other animals.

12. Kollapur

Distance from Hyderabad: 196 kms

Kollapur Palace as well as Someshwar, Sangameshwar and Malleshwara Temples are the places that make Kollapur one of the most sought for places when it comes to one day family picnics from Hyderabad. You can even have a glimpse of architectural excellence over here.

one day trips from hyderabad
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If you are in Hyderabad and you have already visited Char Minar, Ramoji Film City and other remarkable tourist places in the city, check out the picnic spots near Hyderabad that would not even take much of your time to reach.

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