Caving in Meghalaya – For the Hardcore Adventurist


Meghalaya is a land of caves  and caverns with some of the longest caves of Asia. There are more than 1000 caves here, many of which are yet to be mapped.  Of all the caves that have been surveyed, 5 have the distinction of being the longest known caves Indian sub- continent.

Meghalaya every year receives cavers (Speleologists) from all over the world. With so many caves concentrated in a small area Meghalaya is dream destination for cavers.

The Well Known Caves of Meghalaya

1. Krem Liat Prah

Caving in Meghalaya
caving in Meghalaya | Image Source

Measuring at around 25 kms this is the longest cave in Asia located in Nongkhlieh Elaka of Jaintia Hills.  Explored and surveyed as part of the ongoing Abode of the Clouds Expedition project, its current length of about 25 kms that is  likely be increased as nearby caves continue to be connected. Liat Prah’s dominant feature is its enormous trunk passage kno was  the ”Aircraft Hangar”.

2. Krem Umlawan

Located in Lumshnong village of Jaintia hills this is the second longest cave and also deepest cave of Indian subcontinent. The total length is little more than 21 kms and the depth is about 100 meters. The Entrance located at Lumshnong Village,  requires one to swim to enter the Cave.  Krem Kotsati-Umlawan has 24 other entrances nearby.

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3. Synrang-Pamiang

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya | Image Source

With 14,157 m of surveyed passage, it’s India’s 3rd longest cave. It has a wet crawl entrance that leads to boulder and stone passage which later leads to one of the most amazing cave system in the world. Its 7.63km long windy stream-way is one of the world’s longest single cave passage. With red, black, orange , green , blue and white formations all over the cave is simply amazing. The ‘Titanic Hall’ chamber here is awe-inspiring with naturally decorated chambers and cave pearls.

4. Krem Chyme

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya | Image Source

It is a resurgence cave and a splendid river cave which needs over 3.5 km of swimming as there are many lakes inside that are formed due to the presence of more than 50 natural gours and dams.This cave also houses cave bats and cave fishes. With a known length of 10.5 kms it is 5th longest cave in India.  This cave is yet to be explored completely . Sielkan Pouk which is at the upper reaches, acts as a sink to the cave system.

5. Krem Lymput

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya | Image Source

This cave lies near village of Nongjri of Khasi hills and has a discreet entrance hidden in the jungle. It a beautiful and easy cave where tourists can go. After that there is a narrow passage of about 1 km known as as ‘Way to Heaven’ which leads to spacious galleries which are very rich in calcite formations.

6. Mawsmai Cave

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya | Image Source

This is a cave in the Khasi Hills. At the Mawsmai  village crossing,  a concrete pathway by the light  jungle takes you to the main cave entrance. This s a fully lighted cave where tourists can easily go . There are two parts of the cave the new part is yet to be fully lighted. This cave has magnificent formations of large passages and chambers.

7. Siju

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya | Image Source

This is a famous bat cave in Garo Hills with stalagmites and stalactites. This is also one of the longest caves in Indian subcontinent with finest river passages to be found anywhere in the world.there are magnificent limestone  rock formations  inside that will fill any visitor with awe.

Other than these caves Meghalaya is a state with great scenic beauty with undulating rivers, waterfalls, lakes, gorges and panoramic views.

Best Time Visit these Caves 

Between November to March when Water Level in Caves are at Lowest

For Details  on Meghayala caving adventure connect with Meghayala Tourism.

Feature Image Source : wikimedia