Sangla Valley : Mesmerizing Himalayan Camping Holiday


Sangla Valley: Himalayan Camping, Adventure

Camping at the beautiful Sangla valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best ways to experience the true beauty of Himalayas.

At about 215 km from Shimla lies the most beautiful valley in India – the Sangla Valley. It lies hidden during the winter months and emerges in full glory with its spellbinding beauty and fresh air as the summer descends. A place that no one forgets once seen. The gushing waters of Bapsa river, the snow covered Himalayan peaks, monasteries and the lovely flowering valleys make it a dream destination for nature lovers. Sangla valley camping sites are as below:

Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley
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The beautiful Sangla Valley, situated at 2700 m,is a must visit destination if you are planning a Himalayan camping holiday. Stay at cosy swiss tents, unwind in style, and go for nature walks in a valley bursting with exotic flowers, birds, butterflies and apple orchards. Meet the local villagers in Chitkul, Batseri, and Rackcham, one of the cleanest and prettiest villages in India.


Sangla Valley
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This village looks like in the middle of nowhere. The village is built around a lake surrounded by a vast, barren and pretty landscape. With plenty of places to camp, either go for a luxury camp or just dig anywhere you want and make a camp. Just be sure that when you are camping alone it is near a village.


There are many operators who offer luxury camping packages in Sangla valley along with adventure activities and sight seeing.

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Camping is the best way to enjoy nature in its true and pristine form so this summers go to Sangla valley for Himalayan camping and come back with stories, pictures and memories of one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

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