The Best Boat Rides in India


There are all kinds of tourist destinations in India. Ranging from beaches to wildlife sanctuaries to hill stations, India has it all.  Travel enthusiasts and adventure freaks can enjoy the best boat rides in India at the places listed below.

Boat Ride in Chilka

To the south-west of Puri in Orissa, there is Chilka Lake, the largest lake of Asia. You can enjoy fishing, boating and even birdwatching in this lake that stretched over an area of 1100 square kilometers.

It sees lots of migratory birds during winters. There are many islands that make cruising on Chilka Lake an enthralling experience. The scenic expanse of the lake surrounded by the Eastern Ghats make it a worth visit.

Boat Ride at Kerala Backwaters

Other then taking a House Boat trip one can also enjoy a memorable one day or half a day boat ride in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. A boat ride is the best way to enjoy the narrow canals that connect the backwaters and enjoy the real green beauty of these canals.

While cruising through these canals one can also understand and know about the day to day village life and the fishing techniques used by the villagers here.

Boat Ride in Allahabad Sangam

Allahabad Sangam is a confluence of the Ganges, Saraswati and Yamuna rivers, also known as Triveni Sangam. The spiritual aura generated in the boat ride at this holy place is simply priceless.

It forms a religious site of great sanctity. It is also known as Tirtharaja, which means the king of tirthas. The fort and Hanuman temple over here are also worth a visit. Even foreigners visit this place in huge numbers for its auspiciousness.

Boat Ride in Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the holiest places in India. Boat ride in Varanasi is usually taken early in the morning when the light is specifically atmospheric. It is customary to do this if you happen to visit this Hindu pilgrimage site.

The history of Varanasi dates back to around 5000 long years. There are many mythological stories associated with this place. It is worth knowing about all those episodes of the past era from the people over there. It is home to one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The colourful and vibrant city of Varanasi is definitely worth a visit once in your lifetime. Do not forget to try out the famous “paan”.

Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

Dal Lake of Srinagar in the beautiful state of Kashmir is an awesome travel option for couples. The Shikara ride on this lake is something that you cannot miss to do if you happen to visit Kashmir.

People who are here during festive seasons can also see water feats being performed in the lake. Floating gardens of Kashmir also float about in this lake. In late summer, you can see beautiful lotuses blossoming therein. It is a unique feature that is not found at any other place in the world.

Dibru Saikhowa Boat ride

Wildlife enthusiasts should certainly visit Dibru Saikhowa wildlife sanctuary.

At Saikhowa Ghat, there is the Brahmaputra riverfront which is totally perfect for rafting, boating and even cruising. November to March is the best time to visit this place. The swampy flora of the sanctuary is best for rhinoceros, swamp deer, elephant and many water birds.

For all the travellers who have enjoyed boating at Udaipur and majority of the backwaters in South India, you can have a new experience at the places listed here.

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