Bhangarh Fort- The Weekend Destination Near Delhi


85 kms from Jaipur and 280 kms from Delhi near the towns of Alwar and Sariska, Bhangarh is a small village that is famous for its ravaged fort. The Bhangarh fort is rated as one of the most haunted place in India and sometimes even in Asia.

Bhangarh fort
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The legends have all sorts of stories about the place and it has become an inquisitive tourist place. The fort doors close at dusk as it is said to be dangerous to stay inside the fort after twilight. There are two temples in the fort, one of Hanuman and other of Lord Shiva. The place usually is full of tourists throughout the day. The fort even in ruined state is an architectural wonder and has a mystical air about it.

Visit this place if ghost stories excite you and get to know the many myths are related with this haunted fort.

You can stay in Sariska, Alwar or even in Jaipur and go for a day visit to Bhanghar Fort. There are many budget, luxury and heritage hotels to choose from in Alwar and Jaipur.

Timing to enter the Fort – 6 am- 6pm
Entry Fees – For Foreigner- Rs. 200/-, For Indian- Rs.25/- Video Camera  Rs.200/-.

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