Best Beaches Near Kolkata For a Fantastic Weekend Getaway


If you wish to escape away from the lovely  bustling city of Kolkata just for the weekend , there are lot many beaches near Kolkata that offers you the most amazing getaway options. Silvery sands and the peaceful coast make for a wonderful picnic spot for local residents as well as tourist destination for travelers. Check out the list for some of the most picturesque beaches near Kolkata.


Distance form Kolkata: 125 kms | Located at South Bengal

Bakkhali  is a beach that is situated on one of the deltaic islands of the lovely southern Bengal and is a perfect getaway from the city life.  A 7 kilometer long beach that is  crescent shaped with the most scenic sunrise and sunset views with gentle rolling waves. It also makes up for the most romantic venue if you plan to go here on a full moon night. The places worth visiting over here inlcude Mangrove, Engine Canal and the Reserve Forest. Besides, you can also check out the tortoise project, crocodile project and the deer park.

Bakkhali beaches near kolkata
Image source – Wikitravel

Address: WBTDC, Bakkhali Tourist Lodge, National Highway 117, Laxmipur Prabartak, South 24 Parganas, Bakkhali, 743339
Phone:+91 97325 10150

Kalash Island Beach

Distance From Kolkata :114 Kms approx. | Located at Sundarbans National Park

Located in Sunderban area this is one beach that must be visited only if you are an adventure lover. Protected by forest officials Royal Bengal Tigers of the Sunderbans frequent this beach often and tourists are restricted to roam far in the beach alone. You can do so only at specified time with forest guards around. Come winters this is also the place where Olive Turtles come to lay eggs.

Henry’s Island

Distance from Kolkata :140 kms | Located near Bakkhali

Henry’s Island, an utterly serene beach along the Sunderban with mangrove cover . For people who are fed up of crowded beaches, this is the right place to enjoy and feel peace. Young couples and solitary seekers can have a lovely unforgettable time here.

Henry's Island beaches near kolkata
Beaches near Kolkata | Image source – Wikipedia


Distance from Kolkata : 145 kms

If you are looking for a beach that is serene and not very crowded, Junput is one of the best beaches for you near Kolkata. River Ganges and River Rasulpur meet over here. This is a beach that not only offers peace but also is a visual treat due to the lovely casuarina groves surrounding it.

Junput beaches near kolkata
Beaches near Kolkata | Image Source West Bengal Tourism

Address: Junput Market, Contai, West Bengal

Chandpur Beach

Distance From Kolkata: 170 kms | Located at Bakkhali

One of the newest beach getaways from Kolkata, Chandpur is a solitary beach that offers the best place to relax and be one with the nature. On full moon nights the beach looks golden with miles and miles of silvery sea to gaze at. This is a virgin beach that offers no entertainment but pure nature with calmness and serenity.


Distance From Kolkata: 172 kms | Located in Purba Medinipur

Dense forest of Tamarisk trees around the virgin sea beach of Tajpur is a sight to behold and also is the major highlights of this magnificent tourist destination. Red crabs can be seen crawling at this beach and it is a very that has a clean coastal area. One can also try out the various adventure sports here like Parasailing, Kayaking, Snorkelling and much more.

Tajpur beaches near kolkata
Image source – Tajpur


Distance from Kolkata : 174 Kms | Located in East Midnapore 

Mandarmani can boast of being the longest motorable beach in India. You can see fishermen fishing. The peaceful and tranquil waves at Mandarmani would make you feel relaxed and all your stress would just vanish. Mandarmani is developing into the future seaside village resort of west bengal

Mandarmani beaches near kolkata
Beaches near Kolkata |Image source – Wikipedia


Distande from Kolkta : 185kms | Located in East of Digha

The pristine sea beach of Shankarpur, 14 kilometers east of Digha, would surely make you fall in love with this place. You can see hermit crabs and Casuarina groves along the sea coast. It is one of the most rapidly growing beaches near Kolkata that is yet to get crowded.

Shankarpur beaches near kolkata
Beaches near Kolkata |Image source – Wikipedia


Distance form Kolkata : 186 Kms | Located in East Midnapore 

Digha Beach is situated close to the Gangetic mouths on the east coast of India facing the Bay of Bengal. It is frequented by many tourists. In 1780 A.D. , Warren Hastings called Digha Beach ‘Brighton of the East“. The waves are quite mild at Digha beach and it is not so deep too. Moreover, you can even drive your vehicle at this beach. There is a park with a lake near this beach. You can relish on the fresh fried fish and even try out horse-rising and volleyball. There are casuarina plantations that enhance the splendor of Digha Beach.

Digha beaches near kolkata
Image source – Dighabeach

Talsari (Talsharee)

Distance form Kolkata : 190 kms

Talsari Beach, located on the border of Orissa and West Bengal is a lovely unexploited beach that is just a few kilometers away from Digha and is a pristine, quite and secluded beach. River Subarnarekha and Bay of Bengal meet over here. A walk along the the Mohona (Confluence) in the lonely beach is an experience worth trying . Other than that, you can also visit Chandaneshwar Temple  or enjoy boating here. Casuarina groves at the sand island here are also worth a visit.

Talasari beaches near kolkata
Beaches near Kolkata | Image Source Incredible Odisha

If you are in Kolkata and you have that complaint about Goa being far away, you have your own share of beaches near Kolkata. You can drive away to these places in no time and enjoy the sea waves, watch your tiny tot make sand castles and beautiful landscapes.