Best Beaches Near Ahmedabad for a Perfect Getaway


Gujarat has a very long coastline and it has some beautiful beaches to its treasure. If you are in Ahmedabad and looking for beach weekend getaway, there are superb and picturesque beaches within a few hours drive. 1600 kilometer long coastline of this state has the most spectacular seashores that would delight you to the core. Check the list below for the nicest beaches near Ahmedabad.

1. Gopnath Beach

Distance: 275 Kilometer 

Gopnath Beach @275kms - beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches Near Ahmedabad | Image source  Tripadvisor

Lovely limestone hills and white sands of Gopnath beach make this place a popular tourist destination. It also has the historic Talija temple, built on an ancient volcanic hill. If you are looking for a refreshing sea shore holiday, where you can swim and surf while enjoying some of the best marine birds flying by,  Gopnath Beach is a nice option for you.

Where to Stay: Stay at the Gopnath Guest house or in the budget and luxurious hotels nearby.

2. Diu Beach

Distance : 357 Kilometer 

Diu Beach @357 kms- beaches near ahmedabad
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Diu is an island that is famed across India for its serene and picturesque beaches and is known as the ‘Island of Calm‘. Here along with a picturesque sun kissed beaches you can discover the fascinating Portuguese architecture and amazing caves. The beaches here are safe for swimmers. Youngsters from Gujarat also go to Diu to enjoy drinking since it is not allowed elsewhere in the dry state of Gujarat.

Website : Check out Diu Tourism portal for information

3. Porbandar Beach

Distance : 388 Kilometer

beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches Near Ahmedabad | Image Source  Gujarat Tourism

For bird watchers and history enthusiasts, Porbandar beach is an ideal place to spend the weekend stay. Monuments and other places of historical interest associated with our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, the idol of most of the people Swami Vivekananda, the great literary personality Rabindranath Tagore and the powerful Jetwa Rajput dynasty make Porbandar one of the most favorite destinations for lots of people. You will not even realize where the entire day passed by as you enjoy the architecture of the historical places.

4. Chorwad Beach

Distance : 397 Kilometer 

Chorwad Beach - beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches near Ahmedabad | Image Source  Gujarat Tourism

Choward is a quaint little fishing village that offers a great place for a quite holiday. If you are fond of boat rides on the sea, Chorwad beach is the best place for you. The transparent blue water of Chorwad beach would leave you spellbound and you will surely wish to visit this place again.

5. Veraval Beach

Distance : 398 Kilometer

Veraval Beach @ 398 kms- beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches near Ahmedabad | Image source – Flickr

A beautiful beach close to Somnath that is famed for its ancient ruins and structures by the beach. A clean and tidy beach that is loved by the history lovers. The calm sea here is perfect or swimming and beach games. When you get hungry do try the amazing sea food and other local cuisines served at the stalls by the sea.

6. Somnath Beach

Distance : 412 Kilometer 

- beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches Near Ahmedabad | Image Source Gujarat Tourism

Somnath Beach is one of the finest beaches of Gujarat. It is renowned all over India and the world for the ancienr Somnath temple which is considered to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Pilgrims throng to this place throughout the year. The fishing harbors and old architecture of Somnath beach is definitely worth a visit.

7. Dwarka Beach 

Distance : 441 Kilometer 

Dwarka Beach @441 kms - beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches Near Ahmedabad | Image source  Tripadvisor

Dwarka Beach is renowned throughout India for the spiritual vibes and  Lord Krishna’s ‘Dwarakadhish‘ temple. The grand beaches and sea views make Dwarka Beach a great choice for weekend getaway stay. Dolphins and sea tortoise spotting is a major attraction here along with scuba diving and swimming as the sea here is always calm.

8. Mandvi Beach

Distance : 481 Kilometer

Mandvi Beach @ 481 kms - beaches near ahmedabad
Beaches Near Ahmedabad | Image source  Mandvibeach

Mandvi Beach is a  very popular for the historic architecture of Mandvi town and sea facing palaces of the Maharaos of Kutch. The sun kissed shores and the peaceful environment over here would totally enrapture you in their wonderful vibes. You can also enjoy various beach games, horse rides, sun bathing and water sports here.

9. Beaches near Jamnagar

Beaches near Jamnagar- beaches near ahmedabad
beaches near ahmedabad Image source  Tripadvisor

Island Constellation :  42 islands in and around Jamnagar are also among the most preferred beaches in Gujarat. Madhi, Pirotan, Balachadi and Positra are some of the surreal islands over here. You can even enjoy watching marine life and bird watching at some of these places. The calmness of these beaches attracts more tourists with passing time.

More Info : Check out the website of Jam Nagar to know all the beaches and navigate further to either one of your trusted review and booking web/mobile portal for the next round of planning and booking.

These are the most sought after beaches near Ahmedabad. Apart from these beaches, Mumbai too is not considered very far away with the advent of superfast trains. Juhu beach, Chowpaty, Versova beach and Aksa beach have also become favorites among the people of Ahmedabad since along with the pleasant atmosphere of the beaches and the delicious street food, they can enjoy a shopping spree too at Mumbai. Of its along weekend don’t hesitate to choose Goa  and enjoy the best beaches ever.

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