Best Beaches Around Chennai For a Weekend Getaway


Chennai  is a city with unique combination of tradition and modernity. It is totally a delight to discover this city with all the beaches, nature parks, zoological garden and museums along with other historical places. For beach lovers these are few best beaches around Chennai . Check them out if you happen to visit or live in the wonderful capital city of Tamil Nadu.

1.Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Thiruvanmiyur Beach - best beaches around chennai
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If you are looking for an unexploited weekend getaway close to Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur beach is a good option. It is calm and breezy. What makes it one of the most fabulous beaches near Chennai is the fact that there are no vendors to bother you. If you want to bunk classes, it is a nice place to hang out with friends.

2.Elliot’s Beach

Elliot's Beach - best beaches around chennai
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Elliot’s Beach is in Chennai itself but it is worth mentioning over here for a weekend getaway. The sunset is just marvelous. It is a clean beach and you can enjoy playing with the sea waves. You can visit the Schidt’s memorial on the shore. That’s the place where Tamil movies get shot most of the time.

3. Covelong Beach

Covelong beach - best beaches around chennai
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Kovalam Beach is a  lovely sandy beach with splendid views, swaying palms and coloured scattered sea shells. For adventure lovers this is the perfect getaway as there are many water sports activities here like surfing and sea swimming.  There are some ancient churches, and ruins of Dutch forts also near the sea. Fresh sea food is a major attraction for people visiting this beach. Stay in one of the resorts nearby by the sea and enjoy a perfect beach getaway.

4.Mammallapuram Beach

Mammallapuram Beach - best beaches around chennai
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Also known as Mahabalipuram beach this is a must visit beach when in Chennai.  Famed for the ancient shore temples built in 7th century, this is also a UNESCO heritage site. The beach here is picturesque, and quaint. With many beach resorts that nearby this place is a perfect beach near Chennai for a weekend getaway.

5.Palavakkam Beach

Palavakkam Beach - best beaches around chennai
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Located on the East Coast road, 6 kilometers to the south of Adyar, there is Palavakkam beach. There is a temple too on this wonderful beach. The view at sunrise is just breathtaking here. One can stay in the many hotels and resorts in and around the beach too.

6. Santhome Beach

Santhome Beach - best beaches around chennai
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If you are a passionate photographer or a nature lover, Santhome beach would fill you with sheer delight. The cool beach breeze and the silvery sands warrant a day filled with joy and serenity.

7.Neelankarai Beach

Neelankarai Beach - best beaches around chennai
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The calm environment and chilled air of Neelankarai would leave you relaxed and stress free. To enjoy a nice time with your family, Neelankarai Beach is one of the most recommended options.

8.Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach - best beaches around chennai
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For people seeking solitude and a place to reinvigorate themselves with energy, Pebble beach is a nice beach on the East Coast Road. Nature lovers would just love this beach.

These are some of the best beaches around Chennai. If you feel you have had enough of the boring life, get a dose of relaxation and refreshment at these places or some other Day Out choices. You will come back home feeling amazing. For all those people who are stuck in the hustle and bustle of work, responsibilities and household chores, get a well deserved break and check out these incredible beaches this weekend.

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