Backpacking Destination : Parvati Valley


Backpacking Destination : Parvati Valley Guide

The splendid valleys, picturesque mountains and pleasant environs, affordable cafes and home- stays make it a paradise for trekkers, backpackers and nature lovers. Famed as a hippie valley this is also the prettiest valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Start your trip from Bhuntur, reach Bhuntur by bus from New Delhi or Chandigarh. Board a local HRTC bus from Bhuntar to Bharsheni/ Manikaran and reach Kasol.


Backpacking Destination
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Kasol is known as backpacker’s haven located on the banks of River Parvati. Stay in guest house or choose a home-stay, relax by the river, and eat in one of the numerous cafes here that serve delicious Israeli  food.


Backpacking Destination
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4 kilometers from Kasol, there is a pilgrimage spot for Sikhs famous for  Manikaran Sahib (Gurudwara) and its hot sulphur springsManikaran is a retreat to feel peaceful and spiritually rejuvenated.  

Trek to Kheer Ganga

If you are interested in exploring the area even more, Kheer Ganga Trek is one of the most recommended excursions. Reach Barshaini from Manikaran in 30 minutes by bus and set off to Kheer Ganga via the Nakhtan-Rudranag route. It is a long route but quite easy for novice trekkers. Make sure you have a  camera to catch the beauty of the place. The hot water spring at Kheer Ganga would leave you relaxed and mesmerized.

Israeli Cafes

Backpacking Destination
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The Israeli cafes of Pulga and Kasol are great fun if you are a group of backpackers who wish to relax and do nothing but talk and eat delicious food.

Music Festivals

If you’re here in the months of May and June, or even September and October you have the chances of witnessing some of the most happening psychedelic music festivals, with DJs belting out awesome music.

Visit Tosh, Malana and Chalal

Hike to Chalal, the hub of the rave parties and psychedelic music festivals in the Parvati Valley. Then take a bus or hike to Malana – the mysterious and picturesque village where people believe that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great and follow their own rules. Then there is Tosh, which is equally quaint, lovely and peaceful.The only thing common in all these places is cannabis cultivated here and the rave culture.(Rave parties in the evenings are a common occurrence in Kasol, Chalal and Malana with an assortment of nationals from various countries.)

Be it lazy vacationers or enthusiastic young backpackers, Parvati Valley is the most extraordinarily beautiful place to be this summer.

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