Athirappilly Waterfalls- Majestic and Idyllic


Athirappilly Waterfalls of Kerala is aptly known as “Niagra Falls “of India. It is located on the southwest coast in Athirappilly Panchayath, Chalakudy Taluk in Thrissur District near the Vazhachal Forest Division and the Sholayar Ranges. Anyone who is looking for a pleasant and adventurous vacation can visit the falls and have a refreshing break.

Why Athirappilly?

Imagine a spray of cool water brushing your cheeks and giving a magical touch to your body. Bring this beautiful imagination of yours come true at Athirappilly Waterfalls on Chalakudy River. The river begins its course in the Anamudi Mountain Ranges and takes up a more turbulent course on approaching Athirappilly. The three segments of waterfalls dropping from 80 feet at Athirappilly present a splendid sight. Whether it is the lush green surroundings of the falls or the unique wildlife you get to spot, Athirappilly can be a wonderful vacation trip for everyone. The majestic waterfalls has been a venue for shooting many Indian movies too like Dil Se, Guru and Raavan.

Vazhachal Falls about 10 kilometers away from Athirappilly is also a great picnic spot. On the way from Vazhachal to Athirappilly, you can even visit Charpa Falls.

A jungle safari trip organized by Thrissur District Tourism Promotion Council and Athirappilly Destination Management Council can be enjoyed from Chalakudy to Malakkappara. These trips are available every day through the Sholayar Ranges of Western Ghats. Places like Kauthukapark, Thumboormuzhy Dam and butterfly garden and lovely tea gardens are covered during the jungle safari. You can spot Asiatic Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Bison, Sambar and Lion-tailed Macaque in the forest area of Athirappilly. Birdwatchers can get to see four different types of hornbills over here. The great hornbill, Malabar pied hornbill, Malabar grey hornbill and Indian grey hornbill have their habitat in this forest. Make sure you have your cameras and binocular handy during your safari.

Athirappilly Waterfalls
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Trek through the pristine rainforest and the waterfalls with an experienced guide.

Stay and Food

Kerala Tourism Department Corporation has a few good and inexpensive accommodation options at Athirappilly. There are many luxury resorts and hotels too. You should get your accommodation option booked prior to your visit so that you do not have to struggle in finding a comfortable stay. Mouthwatering South Indian dishes include the staple diet served over here.

Reaching Athirappilly Waterfalls

Kochi at about 70 kms  is the nearest city to Athirappilly. You can reach Chalakudy by train and then reach Athriappily by a bus or cab. If you have a day or two on hand, you can extend your visit to Munnar from Athirappilly as it is hardly 100 kilometers from there.

Kerala is not just limited to Thiruvananthapuram, beaches and backwaters. So the next time you visit Kerala, make sure you include the most spectacular Athirappilly Waterfalls in your itinerary.