Adventure Trips Near Delhi For A Fun Filled Weekend


If you are thrill lover and you love the adrenaline kick you receive while indulging in adventure activities, check out these adventure trips near Delhi. All these places will not cost a bomb but will surely give you the needed excitement. So, if you have not yet planned a weekend trip, have a look to these options. They sure will change your mind.

Trekking In Shimla

Distance From Delhi345 kms aprrox

Shimla , can offer some amazing easy and fun weekend trekking options. Shimla’s Jakhoo Hill  is a popular destination near Delhi that will not cost you much, both in terms of money and time. A trek in this green pine hill is an splendid experience.

One can also try the Kalka-Kausali trek which is  an ideal trek from Delhi and is perfect for long weekends. You will be left spell bound with its picturesque dusk and enchanting views.  It is great for all fitness levels and age groups.

Yet another amazing place to trek in Shilma is Churdhar peak, located near Shimla. However, it is not very simple trek as the is strewn with boulders and rocks. This is a perfect option for professional mountaineers.

Trekking In Shimla - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Shimlaindia

Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett

Distance from Delhi:235 kms

Jim Corbett National Park boasts of having over 165 tigers and has the average of 20 tigers per 100 sq.kms. Hence, this place is quite reputed for tiger spotting. Since the year 1936, this national park has become a favorite among wildlife lovers and adventure seekers. Do visit here, if you want to enjoy nature and spot some ferocious tigers. Here you can try either a jeep safari or get more up close and personal with the wildlife in a elephant safari.

Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Corbettnationalpark

Zip Lining At Neemrana

Distance from Delhi : 142 Km

Neemrana fort offers Zip lining options for adventure lovers. Soar over green hills, valleys as well as ruins and battlements with 2 trained instructors who help you at every step. This fort has the highest zipline around Delhi and offers the most thrilling experience ever. Once you visit the fort, don’t go peering over battlements or staring at the suits of armour; instead soar like an eagle above the for amazing thrill of a lifetime.

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Image Source – TRIPADVISOR

AddressNeemrana Fort-Palace, Alwar 301705, India 

Phone Number: 91 98109 99390

Rafting In Rishikesh

Distance from Delhi: 273 kms

Enjoy rafting at its best, Rishikesh offers one of the best white water rafting experiences in India. Rishikesh is also known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the Country‘ as this is one place that offers an array of adventure activities like Bungee Jumping, Hiking, Flying Fox, Cliff jumping, trekking and  Gaint Swing.

Rafting In Rishikesh - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Riverraftingrishikesh

Paragliding In Naukuchiatal 

Distance from Delhi:310 kms

Enjoy one of the best paragliding experiences in the scenic beauty of Naukuchiatal. Here if you are an experienced glider just go solo and fly high like a bird. There are trained pilots too who will guide you to enjoy a flight that will give you wonderful memories and thrill of a lifetime.

Paragliding In Naukuchiatal - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Nainitaltourism

Zorbing in Khajjar

Distance From Delhi: 550 kms approx.

Zorbing is gaining a lot of popularity among tourists here. Here, you will be sled into a huge plastic bubble termed as zorb. This huge ball is then rolled down a slope and it gathers momentum. Fun  for those who are not claustrophobic and enjoy speed.

Zorbing in Khajjar - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Flickr

Flying fox in  Kikar, Punjab

Distance from Delhi: 300 kms approx.

For the adrenaline junkies, Kikar in Chandigarh offers the best and most exciting flying fox experience with the longest line in the whole of South east Asia. This undoubtedly is one experience that you can remember and reminiscence for a long time to come.

Flying fox in Kikar - adventure trips near delhi
Image Source – TRIPADVISOR

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer 

Distance from Delhi: 757 kms (overnight journey by train)

Desert safari in midst of the magical sand dunes of Jaisalmer is an adventure of a lifetime. Stay in middle of the desert in a camp and either go for the camel safari or the jeep safari where you can do some dune bashing in 4 x 4 open jeeps. The thrill cannot be described in words.

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Desertsafarijaisalmer

Skiing in Narkanda

Distance from Delhi: 400 kms approx

Come winters and Narkanda offers one of the most exciting and  easily accessible ski-slopes in the country. It is a great place for both experienced skiers and starters as one can find instructors here who will teach you the basics of skiing.  Other thrilling experiences here are ride on snow mobiles and sledging.Other places around Delhi for excellent skiing are Auli and Manali.

Skiing in Narkanda - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Himachal

Camping at Kangojodi

Distance From Delhi: 275 kms approx

Right in midst of lush pine forests, Kangojodi is picturesque place that stuns your senses with its natural beauty. There are various tour operators offering camping facilities here and one can also enjoy activities like hiking, nature walks, rappelling and bird-watching.

Camping at Kangojodi - adventure trips near delhi
Image Source – CAMPROXX

Some other Fun and adventure activities in NCR are :- 

Paramotoring in Gurgaon

If you have adventure and excitement in your list and so not want to travel far, then do opt for para-motoring in Gurgaon. The thrill of flying in the sky gives a great adrenaline rush and a chance to see the landscape below from a bird’s eye view.It gives a great adrenaline rush and thrill. This activity is conducted near Westin Sohna resort. Mostly, this activity is arranged at 5am and 6pm everyday. The duration is 1 hour and the area covered is upto 24km.

Damdama Lake adventures

It has loads of boating facilities and covers an area of three thousand acres. It is a perfect weekend spot for adventure with kids and family. There are several facilities for enjoying here such as nature walks, rock climbing, fishing, angling, cycling, kayaking, para sailing and hot air ballooning. The best time for visiting here is from the month of November to March.

Damdama Lake adventures - adventure trips near delhi
Image source – Damdamalake

With so many adventure things to do in and around Delhi , it should not ever get boring for the adrenaline junkies. If you wish to travel further the treat just gets better with Rantmabore, Gir, Ladhak and Gulmarg -the list can be endless. And remember age is no bar to have fun,  just go ahead and have great time.