Discover the New Dimensions of Adventure trip near Ahmedabad


Tourism industry is being greatly promoted these days in Gujarat. Many adventure activities are also coming up in the big cities of this state as well as the vicinities of those cities. For all the people in Ahmedabad who are tired of living the same city life, try out some adventurous activities. Take a break and take an adventure trip near Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad – Zipline at Sabarmati Riverfront

If you do not have much time during the weekend, you can try out the zipline at Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad. It offers more than 1100 feet long glide above the water in hardly 45 seconds.

adventure trip near ahmedabad

Dwarka – Surfing at Beyt Dwarka

The tidal waves of Arabian Sea at Beyt Dwarka are absolutely perfect for a wonderful surfing experience. If you wish to see how the world looks like from a surfboard above the waves, Beyt Dwarka is a must visit for you. There are other water sports too, that you can enjoy over here.

Satpura  – Zipline at Saputara Adventure Park

Saputara Adventure Park in Saputara of Dang district is a great place for adventure seekers. They have a zipline at this park and you can also visit Saputara Lake, Pandava caves along with Nageshwar Mahadev temple near the park.Zip Line - adventure trip near ahmedabad

Satpura – Trekking At Saputara

Saputara is one place where you can enjoy trekking and rock climbing in Gujarat. It is a beautiful hill station and worth a visit. Saputara makes up for an awesome adventure trip near Ahmedabad.

Trekking - adventure trip near ahmedabad

Little Rann of Kutch – Camel Safari 

Little Rann of Kutch is a perfect tourist destination if you wish to enjoy adventure sports along with some wildlife. You can enjoy a camel safari over here. Asiatic Wild Ass can also be spotted. The area is full of small salt hills and your kids would totally love the place.

Camel Safari - adventure trip near ahmedabad
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Gir – Jeep safari at Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary

Sasan Gir is the home to Asiatic Lions and it is the only place in Asia that has lions. If you wish to have a thrilling experience in a wildlife sanctuary, Gir National Park is the right place for you. Apart from lions, you can also spot other wildlife like deer, sambhar and lots of birds. You can click pictures of the lions from pretty close. It would surely give you a memorable experience.

Jeep Safari - adventure trip near ahmedabad

Jambughoda – Zorbing and Flying Fox

Zorbing and Flying fox are some of the activities you can try at Vananchal at Jambughoda. If you wish to explore an unexploited forest and go for a trekking, the dense forest of Jambughoda is a great idea. There are lots of adventure activities for kids as well as adults.

adventure trip near ahmedabad

Ahmedpur Mandvi ( Near Diu) – Water Sports at Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach near Bhuj is very popular for the water sports like water scooters and deep sea diving. Water Skiing is possible only over here in the whole of Gujarat. You can also try paragliding and snorkeling at this beach.

Water Sports - adventure trip near ahmedabad

Mandvi  ( Near Vadodara) – Boating at Sursagar Lake

If you wish to experience multiple feelings at a time, Boating at Sursagar Lake can offer you with the same. Sursagar Lake is an artificial lake at Mandvi near Vadodara. A tall statue of Lord Shiva with the trishul in the middle of the clean lake water gives you a spiritual vibe and boating amidst that peaceful environment makes you feel romantic too. If it is a full moon night, it adds more charm to the place. The place is wonderfully lit at night during weekends.

SurSagar Lake Vadodara - adventure trip near ahmedabad
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For people totally fed up of the boring lifestyle with no spice and thrill, get ready for an adventure trip near Ahmedabad. Plan a short vacation and book your tickets to have a once in a lifetime experience at these beautiful places near Ahmedabad.