Best Places For Adventure Sports in India


India is vast land with varied landscapes , rivers, sea and ocean and these natural gifts offers us with a varierty of adventure sports options. Here are some adventure activities which everyone must try once in a lifetime to feel alive and free.  We bring you a list of places in India that are best for some of the awesome and must try adventure sports in India.


It is combination of walking and hiking and is one of the most sought after adventures in the world.  

Adventure Sports in India
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Indian Himalayas have some of the best treks in the world. The treks that every trekking enthusiast must try once in a life time are – Hampta Pass  (Himachal Pradesh );  The Zanskar or Chadar Trek (Ladkah) ; The Great Lake Trek (Jammu & Kashmir); Goechala (Sikkim) and Roopkund (Uttaranchal).

Rock Climbing

Climbing natural or artificial rock is a popular adventure sports in Himalayan regions – Manali and Dharamshala are famous rock climbing destinations in the Himalayas.

Adventure Sports in India
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The Western Ghats, Hampi is Karnataka and Matha Bura, Purulia, Susunia Hills of West Bengal are also famed rock climbing destination In India.


Parasailing is an adrenaline-charged aero adventure sport where a person moves  through air while being dragged by a motor boat.

Adventure Sports in India
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Get awesome parasailing experience and the most amazing birds eye view in Goa, Panchgani, Panshet  and Andaman and Nicobar Islands and remember it for a lifetime.

Sky diving 

Also known as Parachuting , this is an extreme adventure sports where a person jumps out an airplane and free-falls using one’s body to control movements before opening the parachute.

This is one sports that every real adrenaline pumping junkie must try. And you do not need to go out of India for the same the best and the safest places to try sky diving in India re – Mysore, Amby Valley and Dhana in Madhya Pradesh.

Bungee Jumping

Most sought after activity by adventure travelers , jumping from a high point while connected to a large elastic cord.

A very very popular adventure sports in India. If you want to feel the real thrill go to –  Jumping Heights at Mohan Chatti , Rishikesh; Wanderlust Delhi, Ozone Adventures Bangalore and Della Adventure in Lonavala.

Scuba Diving

This is the adventure sport for you if you love blue waters. Here you dive in the ocean floor complete with a diving suit and oxygen tank.

Adventure Sports in India
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It can be an overwhelming experience when you see the life under water up and close. The best places in India for Scuba Diving experience are Lakshadweep Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Pondicherry.


Swimming underwater while equipped with a diving mask to explore the wonderful aquatic wilderness up and close.

Adventure Sports in India
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for the best snorkeling experience in India try Pondicerry , Andaman and Nicobar Island and Lakshadweep .


The adventure sport  where an inflatable boat is used to navigate rough waters and this has emerged as one of the most popular adventure sports in India.

Adventure Sports in India
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Some of the must visit rafting destinations in India are- Indus River (Ladakh), Ganga River (Rishikesh), Kameng and Lohit river (Arunachal Pradesh) ; River Bhagirathi (Uttaranchal) and Kundalika (Maharashtra).


The sport of exploring unknown caves and finding new amazing routes and spaces.

Adventure Sports in India
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The cave adventure is filled wth surprises and unknown. For the best caving experience in India to to Meghalaya, that is known to have some of the least explored and longest caves of Indian subcontinent.

Zip Lining

Also known as “flying fox where one travels from top to the bottom of an inclined cable in full speed.

Adventure Sports in India
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The prominent places for this awesome adventure in India are –  Mohanchatti, Rishikesh, Neemrana Rajasthan, Clouds End Mussoorie, Kikar Lodge, Ropar and Dawki, Meghalaya.


Very light and small boat that has pointed ends and driven by double-blade paddle.

Adventure Sports in India
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Kayaking can be done in a lake too for recreation but when done ina mountain river or sea it requires skills and the adventure streak.  For the most thrilling kayaking experience try – Subansiri River in Arunachal Pradesh, Ganga in Rishikesh, Kali river, Zanskar River and Teesta in Himalayas.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Most amazing feeling when you are up in the air and the worlds’ best hot air balloon rides are at Jaipur;  Hampi, Lonavala, Mumbai and Goa.

Adventure Sports in India
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If you love to live in the edge and feel alive with the adrenaline rush you must try these adventure activities in India.

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