10 Things to Make Your August 15th Independence Weekend Awesome


We all look forward to  holidays  or rather Sundays when we can just relax and sleep late , no need to rush in the mornings. Sure enough you all have plans just as I do for the 15th August independence weekend.  All of us generally make tons of plans but in the end the day just passes by and nothing materializes. Don’t let that happen to you this independence weekend. Here are some tips  that can make your holiday weekend more awesome and refreshing:

1. Connect With Nature

It is very tempting to sleep late but try and get up semi-early and go for a nature walk to a park. Connect with the nature around, feel the morning air caressing your senses – it can be more fun if you have lovely company of a friend or a loved one with you.

Connect With Nature - celebrate-independence-day-independence-weekend

2.  Fly Kite With The Kids

Independence day and kite flying are synonymous to each other – the best way to enjoy this is to go out and fly kites with the kids. Their enthusiasm will surely make you feel carefree and child like all over again.

Fly Kite With The Kids Connect With Nature - celebrate-independence-day-independence-weekend

3. Celebrate Independence Day

If your society, Resident Welfare Association  or neighborhood is planning an Independence day program like hosting the flag and singing the national anthem be a part of it. Try and make it into an occasion that goes beyond just hosting a flag as no one really connects. Within our societies we can all  reinvent Independence Day as a day to connect with each other and feel the spirit of the day.


4. Plan A Family Lunch

With our busy schedule most of the times we do get time to catch up with  colleagues but not family. If you have a big extended family staying the same city plan a get together. Make it a pot lunch and catch up . It sure would be fun even for the kids!

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5. Go Shopping – It’s Raining MALL Sales!

Gone are the days when on 15th August every shop used to be shut! Now every mall is open on Independence Day and they have special Independence Day Sale. Go Out and make the most of it – just Shop till you Drop!

Source Wikimedia.org

6. Play Your Favorite Games or catch up on Movies

Going to malls, though a great idea,  has a small risk attached – it’s going to be crowded everywhere. And if you are one who hates to jostle around, just be at home. Make a plan with some of your best buddies – play your favorite video game or just get hold of some good old movies and have a great time.

Watch a Movie - independence weekend

7. Take A Mini Road Trip

Just ask a few friends – some will surely be free , take out your bike or car and go for a mini road trip to a quaint place near your town where you have never been before and explore! Do something fun, shake up your consistent routine, and you’ll be sure to feel good.

Road Trip - independence weekend

8. Plan A Independence Day Theme Party

Plan a independence day theme party – invite friends , make a tri colour rangoli, in the ceiling dangle tiny tri-colour flags,  hang some pictures of freedom fighters here and there ,  wear traditional Indian attire with tri colour as the theme  and lastly order some lip-smacking Indian food. Have an astounding late party that all will remember, after all next day is a Sunday.

Independence Day - independence weekend

9. Go Out For A Leisurely Sunday Brunch

To have a perfect ending to the independence day weekend wrap up the Sunday with a leisurely Sunday Brunch. Cook at home or just go to  a restaurant with friends or family that offers the best and the most indulgent brunch choices.

Sunday Brunch - independence weekend
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10. Don’t do Too many Chores

Lastly, though it is tempting for many  to complete all your household chores since it is holiday it might fill all the available space.  Better to spend your weekend checking out a new neighborhood cafe than cleaning the cupboard.

Too Many Chores - independence weekend
Image Source Jantoo

Weekend are to relax and recharge and why not do just that this Independence Day weekend.