Reason To Be A Part of The Vibrant Shimla Summer Festival 2016


Shimla Summer Festival: 1- 9 June 2016

The most awaited festival and arguably one of the main reasons why people from near and far flock to Shimla in the month of June. Its a vibrant festival enthusiastically celebrated for 9 days, to welcome the summer season.

Why You Should Attend Shimla Summer Festival 2016

1. Know the Himachali Culture

Splendid local cultural performances highlighting the traditions of Himachal Pradesh and various local handicrafts exhibitions are an important part of this festival that attracts many national and international tourists to enjoy rich tradition and natural beauty of Shimla.

2. Get to see Some of the Best Talents from across Country

The summer festival 2016 will bring about a great amalgamation of some of the best talents from across the country. You can get to witness some outstanding performances of well known singers, musicians and dancers.

3. Be a part of Various Competitions

Enjoy, wintess and participate in numerous events and competitions such as photography competition, dance competitions, fashion shows, family games, live theater, poster-making competition, kids talent shows and much more.

4. Enjoy Succulent Himachali Cuisine

Shimla turns into a haven for foodies during the festival days, with amazing local food stalls and the restaurants offering varied menu.

A perfect summer getaway becomes all the more alluring and inviting during the Summer Festival. Come here to have fun , to be a part of the most awaited festival, enjoy cool climate, vibrant colours and great views and turn your summer vacation to be a truly memorable one.

Book your hotels now,  June is the peak tourist season in Shimla and most of the rooms will get booked or be overprice during the festival.

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