Vibrant and Rustic Shekhawati Festival 2016


4th – 7th February 2016

Among the long list of colorful and vibrant festivals a and fairs held in Rajasthan in the winter months here’s another – the Shekhawati Festival.

Shekhawati Festival
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Shekhawati region of Rajasthan is immensely popular for the architectural splendor of Rajasthani Havelis. Shekhawati, also known as the ”open art gallery of India”,  has numerous havelis, historical monuments, temples and luxurious mansions and courtyards adorned with beautiful intricate frescoes that were done almost one to two centuries back.

The Rajasthan State Department of Tourism, District Administration of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu as well as the M.R. Morarka – GDC Rural Research Foundation, Shekhawati jointly organize the Shekhawati Festival in order to celebrate the rich Indian culture and historical events. Numerous tourists  frequent the destination from all over the world to witness this unique festival.

Shekhawati Festival
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The Unique and Vibrant Shekhawati Festival

Shekhawati Festival gives an insight to the rural Rajasthan. Their unique lifestyle would remain etched at the back of your mind for several days together. There are rural games and haveli competitions during the festival along with many cultural programs ,folk music and dance, painting competitions through the day and in the evenings at various venues all over the region.

Shekhawati Festival
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A huge attraction is the Rajasthan’s famous handicrafts bazaar  where you can shop and look at the most amazing crafts of the state and the skills of the people here. There is a grand event for the trading of cattle too during the three-day long festival.

The festival is all about fun, frolic and fireworks and entertainment to the fullest. You can get to enjoy the generous reception and friendly treatment of the villagers. Shekhwati is also one of the main places where India’s organic revolution was launched and is thus a hot spot for eco-tourism. Along with tours to havelis, majestic forts, camel and jeep desert safaris you can also take a tour to these amazing organic farm and enjoy a delicious fare.


Shekhawati Festival
Image source – Shekhawatifestival

Event Venue: Nawalgarh, Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu. The main attractions are at Nawalghar.

Reaching the venue

Shekhawati Festival is primarily held at Nawalgarh. Nawalgarh is around 160 kilometers from Jaipur airport. Jhunjhunu is around 40 kilometers from Nawalgarh. Sikar and Churu are 35 kilometers and 84 kilometers away from Nawalgarh respectively.

All these cities have their own railheads and  are connected to the major cities of India. The whole Shekhawati region is well connectcted by road from Delhi,  Bikaner and Jaipur.

Stay and Food

Nawalgarh has ample options for a comfortable accommodation. Havelis have been transformed into lavish hotels over here. When it comes to food, Dal Bati Churma, Ghevar, Rabdi and Moong Dal ka Halwa are the must have dishes in Rajasthan.

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