How Will You Feel if One Day Robots Become Your Hotel Concierge?


With the tiny robot  named “Connie” in honor of Hilton founder Conrad Hilton, IBM has developed a Watson-enabled robot specially for the hospitality industry.

Connie for past one month is placed near reception desk of Hilton McLean in Virginia and can greet guests, answer their queries on amenities,operations and  travel.

The 2.5-foot-tall robot uses a mishmash of Watson APIs that contain Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Dialog, and Natural Language Classifier, to greet guests on arrival and answer their queries on services, amenities and operations. It uses WayBlazer’s travel domain knowledge to be able to suggest local attractions off property.

All the hotel guests have been quite receptive towards Connie. A recent survey by a leading travel company has indicated that nearly 80 percent of travelers expect robots expect to be a part of their life by 2020 and more than two-thirds suggested that they will be pretty comfortable with the idea of robots being used in the travel and hospitality industry.

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